The Success of Yeonmi Park’s new Book

There are individuals in this world who are able to really make a difference with the activism work that they do. They push forward the world with their out of the box thinking that brings new ideas to individuals and leaders all over the world. It is very important to notice the contribution that these individuals are making to the world. Yeonmi Park is an activist who has been bringing light to the current living conditions in North Korea for quite some time. Now with her new book she plans on bringing a whole new type of awareness to those who have been in the dark about North Korea.

This book is primed to be one of the most important books on the struggle of North Koreans. There has been a great deal of backlash when it comes to the books publishing, but it has been noted that Yeonmi Park is not backing down from her stance on the book and what it stands for. The leadership that opposes the book will not deter Yeonmi on amazon from her purpose of enlightening the world to what is actually going on in North Korea.

Yeonmi had quite an intense journey when it came to her story of actually leaving North Korea. While in Korea, she was forced to deal with the insecurity of not knowing where here meals were coming from each day. When her mother thought it was time to finally make the journey across the border they took the most opportune time they could and left. Once over the border Yeonmi’s struggles weren’t over yet. She had to deal with the horror of sex trafficking and other brutal realities that haunt her still to this day. Yeonmi Park is now in America and adjusting to some of the luxuries that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis.

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