Dr. Sergio Cortes Gives Out Recommended Exercises that Ease Back Pain

Many of the modern jobs require much sitting due to the use of technology. Spending all day sitting especially in a bad posture leads to back pain.
A wrong posture may cause serious problems on the body. Back pain may worsen and become chronic if nothing is medical attention is not sought on time. Additionally, lack of breaks for stretching contributes severe back pain. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, several exercises can aid the body in maintaining an excellent posture besides relieving the back pains. He advises that an individual should not stay in a single posture for long.
According to the medical expert, poor posture is associated with pains such as sciatic pain, neck stiffness, and herniated disc. If not treated they can hamper people’s movement. Dr. Sergio Cortes notes that it is important to be careful about the pains. He also adds that without exercise, it gets hard to lead a life devoid of pain. Dr. Sergio Cortes emphasizes that people should always exercise to keep fit and avert health complications.
Dr. Sergio Cortes suggests that prior to starting any particular exercise; one should seek the help of a specialist. Specialist can tell which exercise is good for that particular person based on his or her needs. This is good for it enables one to avoid injuries that aggravate the pain. Among the exercises that the medical expert suggests include swimming, walking, yoga, pilates and cycling. The exercises help people in maintaining best postures and improving their overall health.
Dr. Sergio Cortes says that some of the exercises such as walking do not require the supervision of a specialist. It only requires the right type of shoes and a correct surface. However, he notes that it is always important to stretch before and after any a workout in order to avoid strains and inflammation.
Dr. Sergio Cortes is a medical expert that has enhanced the health of people in Brazil. He has been the executive secretary for health in Rio de Janeiro. While serving as the health secretary for the state of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sergio Cortes coordinated relief programs for the flood victims in the municipality. He also delivered calamity kits and set out preventative measures to caution the population from diseases. In this endeavor, he collaborated with the National Health Force.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official

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