Highland Capital Expands to European Markets

With a great demand for venture capital in Europe, Highland Capital Management has recently expanded its operations and services to the region. There are numerous businesses in Europe looking to get funding to help start up and conduct business. With Highland Capital Management, these firms will have the opportunity to reach this goal. At the same time, Highland Capital is able to help itself achieve more success. Venture capital is one of the key aspects of helping the economy improve. In Europe the economy has been in need of economic expansion and getting help from Highland Capital to help with venture capital will help make Europe more prosperous.

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo which helps it establish a worldwide presence in the global financial industry. The firm offers a number of services that help make it one of the top firms in the world. These services include collateralized loan obligations, private equity and also wealth management. By working with Highland Capital Management, high net worth individuals and companies will have the guidance, capital and expertise they need in order to best manage their money.

James Dondero is the the individual who started up and founded the firm known as Highland Capital Management. Jim founded the firm back in the year 1993. When he founded the firm he wanted to build an investment firm that provided financial services that benefit both businesses and individuals. Jim decided to provide services that would help manage large sums of money as well as providing businesses with better ways to invest. As a result his firm grew and became one of the main investment firms clients go to when looking to increase their capital along with better managing their finances.

James Dondero began his career at an investment firm as an entry level trainee. This position gave him the initial experience to build on for the future. He would eventually become the chief investment officer and get valuable experience managing very large sums of money for companies. After getting this experience he would decide to found his own firm which would offer the very tasks to clients he performed at his previous firms. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he got degrees in accounting and finance. James participates in philanthropy in his spare time for causes such as public policy, education and veterans affairs.

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