Humanitarian Moves Made By Doctor Sergio Cortes in Xerem Town

Sergio Cortes is a qualified and skilled Brazilian Doctor. Cortes has been successfully serving in the health care department for more than fifteen years. Sergio, the doctor, has also made significant accomplishments in the health industry. Sergio currently serves as the secretary of health in Brazil.
He has led to the establishments of hospitals all over Brazil. Sergio Cortes also qualifies to be a surgeon. In his era as the Brazil secretary of health, Sergio Cortes has led to growth and development of the industry. Cortes also highly utilizes the social media platforms. He operates a web page that deals with medical activities and practices. Follow Dr. Cortes on his official Twitter page and linked in account.
According to the news, Sergio Cortes recently visited Xerem, a town facing floods calamity. Cortes visited the city with a primary of surveying the situation at hand and helping the residents. He helped set up a shelter to cater for the affected residents.
Cortes reported that the Rio government had set up a hydration facility at the Xerem health center. Doctor Cortes also added that the hydration facility had more than ten chairs, and the plant was capable of holding more than three hundred people per day. Sergio Cortes implied that his technical team was handling the situation to improve the Xerem residents’ living standards.
In the release, Cortes said that the hydration center was an alternative to support the municipality so as to curb the possibility of mosquitoes spreading malaria in the town. Doctor Cortes held a meeting with the municipal health secretary and the National Health Conception Coordinator, where they agreed that Brazil State Council was planning to deliver another calamity kit to help the people of Xerem deal with the situation.
Sergio Cortes implied that he had earlier provided another calamity kit to the affected areas. Also, the doctor added that three thousand tablets of antibiotics to prevent leptospirosis disease were distributed by his technical team all over the municipality.
The Secretariat of Brazil health surveillance conducted a test of water samples in Xerem shelters, and the result was considered unfit for human consumption. Sergio Cortes stated that his technical team was working to disinfect water in the area. The state government offered more than ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to clean the water.

1.Sergio urged residents of Xerem to use bottled water for drinking purposes and maintenance of food hygiene.

To conclude, Dr. Sergio also urged the well-wishers to include bottled water in their donations.

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