The Expansion of Organo Gold

Coffee is a billion dollar industry that is exponentially growing as more and more individuals buy this product all around the world. What makes this product so popular is that it is tasty and bitter that can be molded into so many flavors and so many popular drinks. Coffee can be sold by large franchise, coffee can be sold by small businesses, and coffee can be grown in different ways to appeal to each and every different pallet. With the growing industry of coffee, Organo Gold is a company that has created its own niche to make a healthy product that also energizes the consumers.

Organo Gold is a fairly new company that was started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua has extensive knowledge of the multilevel marketing industry which he has applied to make Organo Gold a successful brand. Mr. Chua decided that in order to make Organo Gold successful, a new never before seen product was needed that would set this brand apart from other coffee brands, something that would bring health as well as caffeine.

This special ingredient is known as the “king of herbs” in Eastern medicine. This herb is called Ganoderma which is more specifically a fungus that grows which supernatural properties that relaxes yet energizes those who intake these herbs. Ganoderma is transformed into a powder like consistency through a natural process. The powder is then combined with a number of Organo Gold products that include hot cocoa, coffee, as well as tea.

Organo Gold is a company that is proud to announce that it is a only company in North America with a organically grown Ganoderma plantation. This plantation makes this fungus easily accessible to be combined with a number of Organo Gold products. Consumers of this brand have praised Bernardo Chua for his clever idea of combining a healthy product with a daily consumable beverage.

Organo Gold, though a new company has expanded greatly to now be sold in over 35 different countries. Recently in news, Organo Gold announced its new branch that has opened up in Turkey. This country marks the new available access to both Europe and Asia with ease. The team at Organo Gold is a dedicated team that constantly demonstrates excellence, integrity, as well as leadership. What makes Organo Gold a special company is the fact that it is available for anyone to join. The only requirement to join this team is that one has to have a love for the product.  Bernardo Chua is winning awards helping to drive forward his concept of healthy coffee.  Follow that on his Facebook, as he takes the company to new heights.

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