Sanjay Shah Got Downsized, Made Solo Capital a Success

Solo Capital has proved a very successful hedge fund firm for its founder, Sanjay Shah. If not for all the investment firm failures of 2009, he might never have started out on his own to end up on top. Solo Capital offers several services, including proprietary trades, business consults, and investing in professional sports teams. The trademarks Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK are owned by Sanjay Shah. The company’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom (UK).

In 2011 Mr. Shah’s venture gained profits of £19 million. In 2014 he also bought Old Park Lane Capital as an investment in natural resources. The original company he started, which is the parent company over all the Solo company subsidiaries through Solo Group Holdings, is Aesa S.a.r.l. Sanjay Shah also owns many other companies in various countries, such as the British Virgin Islands, London, Cayman Islands, Malta, and Luxembourg. His fortune now is well over $280 million dollars. Except for his philanthropic activities, Mr. Shah is now retired.

Autism Rocks is just one of several charities Sanjay Shah contributes to. But, in this case it is also a charity that he created. This occurred after he got the idea from the international superstar, Snoop Dogg. When Sanjay heard that Snoop was coming to ‘The Palm’ near his home in Dubai, he arranged to entertain the multi-platinum recording artist in his home. The impromptu meeting between Sanjay’s family and the whole Snoop Dogg entourage was a delight. When Snoop learned that Sanjay has a son who was recently diagnosed as being autistic, he suggested that Sanjay fund autism research through music concerts.

Mr. Shah was galvanized by the idea and quickly worked to setup and fund his charity, Autism Rocks. The biggest names in music have played his private concerts, both in Dubai and in London. Talents that have performed include Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè, and many famous DJs. So far the private concerts have raised $15 million dollars that Mr. Shah has donated to the Autism Research Trust. This Trust is the funding operation for a basic autism research program at Cambridge University.

The journey to investment and finance guru was a strange one for Sanjay Shah. He started out studying to become a medical doctor. But, along the way he developed a stronger interest in business. He worked for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. When the bubble burst in 2009, he was laid off with many others. That is when he made the bold move of branching out on his own and the beginnings of Solo Capital.

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Kate Hudson’s “Fabletics” Opening Up To 100 Stores


Kate Hudson’s popular active wear fashion line Fabletics has plans to open around 75-100 stores, according to an article published by Racked. Fabletics has already opened up to seven store locations across the United States, giving buyers the chance to try on their fashionable athletic wear in person. In addition to being able to try on new styles, store associates will be there to answer any questions about the Fabletics website and subscription service.

The Fabletics website offers your first full outfit for only $25 when you sign up for their VIP subscription based service. After signing up, you will take a short quiz in order to determine your unique style and interests. Every month you can shop and receive a new outfit based on those results for $49.95. There are countless options for every lifestyle, with new styles released every month. As part of the VIP membership, shoppers also have the option to skip a month of their subscription if they wish. In addition to the online store, there is now a Fabletics mobile phone app that allows you to order and manage your subscription on the go.

Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with JustFab’s Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg after realizing that high quality and trendy active wear is often inaccessible to many people because of high prices. Hudson wanted to create a line of active clothes that boasted great quality with an affordable price. Combining inexpensive and personalized active wear with an easy, worry-free subscription based service is what makes Fabletics successful. Since the company was created in 2013, it has offered shipping to select countries in Europe, Canada, and Australia and has even launched a men’s line called FL2. The Fabletics brand remains a refreshing change of pace in the athletic clothing world in 2016.

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Into The Arms of Success

Throughout all of my years in college, I had always had a deep want to own a trading firm like Solo Capital. I have done so much research on the company itself, as well as their CEO, Sanjay Shah. Sanjay just so happens to be a brilliant man when it comes to investing, trading and anything that has to do with accounting in general. Although I have not reached the level of success that Sanjay is at today, it is something I hold at the top of my list for a goal. If I can some how reach that level of success, there would be absolutely nothing stopping me from creating my own trading firm.

Although I have received my accounting and business degree, there are a few more routes I would like to take in school. If I am going to go through with my plan to build a company, I want to be nothing but the best. This means being knowledgeable in every subject that my company counts on. Normally, the head honcho hires individuals who are specialized in all the areas he needs to successfully run the business. Instead of going this route, I want to save money of the hiring of employees and try doing a majority of the work on my own. Of course I will hire some employees to help with the work overload so I am not stuck in the office 100 hours a week, I just want to save as much as I possibly can.

The reason I picked Solo Capital to be my company to build around is because the way all the employees handle themselves and how professionally the business is run. Sanjay Shah has done a wonderful job keeping the company within the lines of perfection. Although every company has their own flaws, everyone works so well together at Solo Capital that it is rather hard to spot out any at all. Although there are the individuals who critique just about any company under the sun, it is important to look past those reviews and contact previous and present employees on your own. Reading internet reviews is an easy way to thrown off track and lead into lies. This is exactly how I decided on Solo Capital. My own research lead me right to their door steps and into the arms of success.

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Brad Reifler Investment Advice For New Investors

One of the major concerns of all people everywhere is how to create financial security. In an article on Reuters, the top investment tips of Brad Reifler were shared and it is important that all people regardless of current income level become aware of these ideas. They will allow a person to start down the road to building and maintaining personal financial stability.

Reifler became determined to create investment opportunities for all investors regardless of their current financial situation. This was predicated when his father in law asked him to invest his life savings and Reifler found that there were very few options for investment if one wasn’t one of the top 1 percent of the financial world. That caused him to begin to create a public fund that people like his father in law could invest in and build their financial situation.

Wikipedia makes it pretty clear this experience exposed many of the current rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission to be in favor of the wealthy and making it virtually impossible for the average person to invest and grow their wealth. The wealthy one percent of society are dominating investing opportunities focusing on putting money into public funds, commodity investment and hedge funds. Those with less capital initially are not able to invest in most of these options so it was a case of the rich getting richer. This bothered Reifler so much that he changed the direction of his firm to allow for more access to wealth building to a larger portion of the population. This is important because one of the best strategies for solid investing is through diversification and that is reserved for the wealthy under the old system.

This led to the development of Brad Reifler’s five tips for investing for all people regardless of their current financial situation to receive a satisfying return for their effort.  Something Brad spends a ton of time talking about on Twitter too.

1. Use caution in investing your money. This is a major undertaking and an investor should do their due diligence and research all investment options fully considering charges, risks and total expenses before risking your assets. Make sure to create goals for your investing practices so that you will have a guiding principal.

2. Have a natural concern about the safety of your money. An investor should not act on impulse and only deal with organizations that can be trusted and have a reputation for honesty and success.

3. Diversify your investments. Don’t put all of your money in the stock market. Use several different types of investment so that one factor won’t destroy your wealth building goals.

4. Get to know the person who is investing your money for you. Develop a trust and knowledge of the manager of your funds so that you can get answers to questions and have a person to ask questions of and get answers from. This can help you understand the steps you have taken toward the realization of your goals.

5. Continually remind yourself what the investment objective for your money is. This will keep you learning and evaluating all of the investment activities your money is involved in. Be careful about how much you are investing, in case something goes wrong. When you evaluate something is working and building wealth, add to it.

These tips are designed for all investors, regardless of current wealth. Brad Reifler has made it his life’s work to allow all people learn about investing and participate in the wealth building process. Once a person realizes what is available to them then nothing can stand in their way. All people have the ability to learn to invest their money wisely and build their wealth and create a financially sound future.

Solo Capital: Big Success For Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an investment firm that provides its investors with several specialized services and products. The firm mainly concentrates on three areas, which are proprietary trading, consulting and investments. Within each of those areas are more specific services. The proprietary trading division specializes in commodities, FX and derivatives. In the consulting division, concentrates on human capital, performance and investment within the professional sports world. The investment division is mainly concerned with talent acquisition, asset and performance management and commercial advisory and representation.

The firm was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011 and by 2015 it had 30 million dollars in cash flow, nearly 70 million dollars in assets and over 15 million dollars in net worth. The firm’s headquarters are in London and the firm is regulated by the United Kingdom. The firm also has an office in Dubai, where Sanjay Shah relocated to with his family. Solo Capital has 35 traders and more than 65 other employees and do to this quick success and growth, Shah has now taken a step back and no longer oversees all of the activity of the company on a day to day basis.

Sanjay Shah has had incredible success during his career. He was born and raised in London by well off parents who had emigrated from Kenya in the 1960s after it gained independence. Shah decided he wanted to study medicine at King’s College but soon realized it was not to his liking. He switched to accounting and in his free time he enjoyed DJing in London clubs.

After graduation, Shah went to work as a trainee chartered accountant for KPMG and then worked for a variety of investment banks for over a decade. When the recession hit, Shah was laid off because of redundancy. He did not want to look for another job where he would probably have a long commute from his home to his office every day so he decided to start Solo Capital. Due to the success of the firm and his other business ventures all over the world Shah is now worth 280 million dollars.

When Shah was able to step back from his duties as Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, he decided to concentrate his efforts on one of his passions: helping his son. Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism when he was only 4. Shah desperately wanted to do everything he could to help so he decided to found a charity that raised money for autism research, Autism Rocks. The charity hosts private concerts in order to raise money. They have hosted performances by people like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and a few DJs.

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus Spreads to Brazilian Cities


Zika virus was first identified in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania during the 1940’s. Dr. Sergio Cortes notes that zika virus spread to India and Thailand after leaving the African continent. This took several decades to occur.

Zika Virus Reaches Brazil
The zika virus in now widely consider considered an epidemic that started in the year 2015. This is year that reports of zika virus infection stated to grow exponentially. The Brazilian government has confirmed than a strong link exist between zika virus and the development of microcephaly, which is a type infection that in most cases that causes babies to be born with small heads and damaged brains due to misinformation in the womb. As a result of this, the World Health Organization has sent out a special health alert and is working with Brazilian health officials to limit the spread of the virus, says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

In north area of Brazil has the most reported microcephaly cases from zika virus infection, cites Dr. Sergio Cortes. In total, there are close to 1200 cases in Brazil which spans hundreds of populated cities. There has already been a death attributed to zika virus in the country of Brazil of a young child.

According to a health bulletin released by Brazil’s Ministry of Health, many unknown variables still surround zika virus and the disease is not fully documented. A principal issue is, says Dr. Sergio Cortes, how the virus effect an unborn fetus during its development. Knowing this information would assist in furthering the development of a vaccine to prevent disease, or limit it from affecting an unborn child’s development during pregnancy.

Currently no vaccines exist to prevent infection of zika virus. Steps must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease by mosquitoes. The Aedes aegypti is the mosquito responsible for infecting humans with zika virus. Families must be educated on how to make remove standing water from there property and not provide a suitable breeding place for mosquitos.

How to Stop the Spread of Zika
Methods to prevent the spread of zika virus are similar for those used against dengue and chikungunya. This primarily involves not allowing standing water in open containers or objects. The mosquito often uses those open areas to lay its eggs which could multiply and infect people with the zika virus.

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New York’s shifting macro-economic climate to effect area real estate

2016 brings changes to the real-estate market for New York, the changes are brought about by the current Micro-economic climate effecting everyone involved in real-estate.


Increasing interest rates will ultimately cause prices to decline. Declining prices coupled with increasing interest will cause buyers to become skeptical about the market and adversely effect the ability for sellers to make quick sales and turn a fast profit as buyers will expect a greater number of deal contingencies will take longer to review contracts.


A gap will grow between motivated sellers and sellers with unrealistic demands. Ultimately, sellers with unrealistic demands will curve their demands and reduce their prices should they desire a sale. With the newly falling prices and lost confidence in the market buyers will turn to Prime locations and proven investments leaving secondary and tertiary neighborhoods behind struggling for growth.


It is important that sellers focus on a broad spectrum of potential buyers as the baby-boomer generation will likely make up a large portion of the market. Baby-Boomers have reached the point in their lives to begin downsizing and potentially taking on property in the city to be closer to extended family.


Perspective buyers of all ages may become tempted by the development of new rental properties, enticed by incentives, rentals may be the way of the future. With a number of newly developed complexes buyers and renters alike will be looking for reputable leasing agents while buyers will be in need of top level marketing of their property.


There are many business available for both buyer and seller, TOWN Residential is a one stop shop for both. TOWN Residential can see the seller through all phases of the real estate cycle while matching potential buyers to their perfect new home.


TOWN Residential focuses on high-end real-estate in New York and providing a plethora of options to those in the market to buy with a stable client base for motivated home owners. Clients obtain excellent service from real-estate agents,as well as having access to Town Guides, Relocation Services and market reports enhancing the experience for the buyer.

The Foolish Lechery of Kyle Bass

At one point, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass was a celebrated figure. These days however, due in large part to his poor decision making, Mr. Bass has fallen far from his former days a successful business with untarnished potential.

To begin, Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of a Dallas, Texas based hedge fund known as Hayman Capital Management. His initially positive reputation was based on his 2006 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, netting him international headlines. This was all too unfortunate, considering what was to come. UsefulStooges says that Kyle Bass is the one-hit wonder of the hedge fund world who has squandered good luck through incredibly terrible decision making.

Kyle Bass has not only merely made ‘bad calls’, he’s allied himself with incredibly unsavory people. For some reason, Bass praises Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a financially illiterate fool. Mr. Bass has stood beside her, rationalizing the country’s decision to default on sovereign debt, which is twice within thirteen years. It is strange that a hedge fund manager from the United States would champion socialist leftist politicians. Much of Bass’s bad decisions could be seen coming if you examine his history of ugly alliances with questionable bedfellows and strange and untrustworthy decision making.

Due to his investment in General Motors, Bass tried to switch blame to car accident victims in stead of looking at fatalities that were the result of non-deployed airbags, and other problems General Motors unfortunately did not act on.

He has a deeply strange and unfortunate business relationship with the widow of Chris Kyle, Taya, who is currently facing a slew of disgusting allegations of unethical actions. The accuser is a former working partner of her departed husband.

If one further examines Kyle Bass, one will find a man who concocted of a scam that targeted particular pharmaceutical companies and short-selling their stocks while contesting one of the targeted companies’ patents through a front known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, that was created in order to satiate said purpose. Bass makes money off the pharmaceutical firms, as their stocks drop. The result of which causes a lack of incentive at said pharmaceutical companies to conduct medical research because they’re embroiled with the financial fallout of the plummeting stocks that leeches such as Kyle Bass stand to gain from.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Provides Help For Flood Victims

In the last few weeks, flooding has been a serious problem in many parts of Brazil. Heavy rains at the time of the year have caused problems to local residents that include lack of access to fresh water and even an inability to stay in their homes because the flood waters have risen so high. This problem has led local and regional health officials to do what is necessary to help provide people living here with assistance in order to make sure that they do not face other kinds of problems here as well as the flooding such as an outbreak of potentially dangerous diseases.

As a recent report in Extra noted, the response to the problem of flooding in this part of the nation has been met with swift and affirmative action by many important health officials. One such Brazilian health official is Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes has spoken out about the need to provide continuing help for those living here in order to make sure that the floods do not cause other issues for all of those living in Xerem and the entire region. He knows that it is important to make sure that health officials and all those living here are in touch with the needs of residents in the aftermath of the problem with the floods.

Dr. Cortes urges all local residents to seek shelter if necessary in order to help them avoid issues such as dehydration that may cause many other kinds of serious health problems. This is why he and his fellow regional specialists have been heavily involved in setting up a facility that is aimed at meeting the needs of residents for temporary shelter as well as access to other important amenities such as water that can be easily drunk.

Cortes is one Brazil’s leading medical experts and one of the nation’s most respected health officials. He has served in many capacities in this part of the world including that of health secretary. As a result of his expertise, many patients have been provided with the kind of assistance they need to be able to say healthy and to be able to enjoy an improved quality of life. He is dedicated to providing such important services for all those who need them in this nation.

US Markets Stocks Close on a High Note Posting a Positive Week for the first Time this year

The U.S. stocks were reported to have closed on a high last Friday making it the positive week amongst the four weeks. This is largely due to the oil recovering from the lows that have affected it for quite some time as well as the hope of getting stimulus overseas. Energy gained 4.3% thereby leading all the other sectors. Oil shot to the $32 mark, the highest it has ever been at since the 8th of January.

A large number of professionals involved with the world markets attributed the sudden improvement of the stocks from the rising oil prices. Oil has stopped falling as well as coming up a bit. This has seen the equity investors getting confident in dipping their hands into the stocks market once again. At Highland Capital Management, the head of global equity trading, Joe Sowin views the rally behind the positive week to short covering. The stocks had already hit their lows by Wednesday and the beaten-down sectors like energy as well as materials contributed significantly to the recovery. For a more detailed read click here.
James Dondero is the co-founder as well as the president of Highland Capital Management. He has gathered over 30 years experience in the field of credit markets and he is entrusted with acting as an overseer of the investment strategies employed by Highland Capital Management. He chairs the Nexbank Capital Inc Board of Directors. Highland Capital Management is among the global alternative credit management firms that are the biggest and most experienced. Jim and his partner and co-founder, Mark Owada are involved in the management of an assets base estimated at $21 billion. He is also held highly due to his contribution as a pioneer towards the CLOs (Collaterized Loan Obligation) establishment. Back in 1996, he was also involved in the non-banks CLOs establishment.
Jim Dondero has also offered his services in various Boards of Directors like the MGM studios and the American Banknote Corporation. He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Cornerstone Healthcare as well as the CCS Medical. He is an alumni of the University of Virginia where he earned his first degree in which he had concentrated on Finance and Accounting. In addition to this, he is a designations holder of the following; CFA, CMA and CPA.

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