The Foolish Lechery of Kyle Bass

At one point, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass was a celebrated figure. These days however, due in large part to his poor decision making, Mr. Bass has fallen far from his former days a successful business with untarnished potential.

To begin, Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of a Dallas, Texas based hedge fund known as Hayman Capital Management. His initially positive reputation was based on his 2006 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, netting him international headlines. This was all too unfortunate, considering what was to come. UsefulStooges says that Kyle Bass is the one-hit wonder of the hedge fund world who has squandered good luck through incredibly terrible decision making.

Kyle Bass has not only merely made ‘bad calls’, he’s allied himself with incredibly unsavory people. For some reason, Bass praises Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a financially illiterate fool. Mr. Bass has stood beside her, rationalizing the country’s decision to default on sovereign debt, which is twice within thirteen years. It is strange that a hedge fund manager from the United States would champion socialist leftist politicians. Much of Bass’s bad decisions could be seen coming if you examine his history of ugly alliances with questionable bedfellows and strange and untrustworthy decision making.

Due to his investment in General Motors, Bass tried to switch blame to car accident victims in stead of looking at fatalities that were the result of non-deployed airbags, and other problems General Motors unfortunately did not act on.

He has a deeply strange and unfortunate business relationship with the widow of Chris Kyle, Taya, who is currently facing a slew of disgusting allegations of unethical actions. The accuser is a former working partner of her departed husband.

If one further examines Kyle Bass, one will find a man who concocted of a scam that targeted particular pharmaceutical companies and short-selling their stocks while contesting one of the targeted companies’ patents through a front known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, that was created in order to satiate said purpose. Bass makes money off the pharmaceutical firms, as their stocks drop. The result of which causes a lack of incentive at said pharmaceutical companies to conduct medical research because they’re embroiled with the financial fallout of the plummeting stocks that leeches such as Kyle Bass stand to gain from.

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