Solo Capital: Big Success For Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an investment firm that provides its investors with several specialized services and products. The firm mainly concentrates on three areas, which are proprietary trading, consulting and investments. Within each of those areas are more specific services. The proprietary trading division specializes in commodities, FX and derivatives. In the consulting division, concentrates on human capital, performance and investment within the professional sports world. The investment division is mainly concerned with talent acquisition, asset and performance management and commercial advisory and representation.

The firm was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011 and by 2015 it had 30 million dollars in cash flow, nearly 70 million dollars in assets and over 15 million dollars in net worth. The firm’s headquarters are in London and the firm is regulated by the United Kingdom. The firm also has an office in Dubai, where Sanjay Shah relocated to with his family. Solo Capital has 35 traders and more than 65 other employees and do to this quick success and growth, Shah has now taken a step back and no longer oversees all of the activity of the company on a day to day basis.

Sanjay Shah has had incredible success during his career. He was born and raised in London by well off parents who had emigrated from Kenya in the 1960s after it gained independence. Shah decided he wanted to study medicine at King’s College but soon realized it was not to his liking. He switched to accounting and in his free time he enjoyed DJing in London clubs.

After graduation, Shah went to work as a trainee chartered accountant for KPMG and then worked for a variety of investment banks for over a decade. When the recession hit, Shah was laid off because of redundancy. He did not want to look for another job where he would probably have a long commute from his home to his office every day so he decided to start Solo Capital. Due to the success of the firm and his other business ventures all over the world Shah is now worth 280 million dollars.

When Shah was able to step back from his duties as Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, he decided to concentrate his efforts on one of his passions: helping his son. Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism when he was only 4. Shah desperately wanted to do everything he could to help so he decided to found a charity that raised money for autism research, Autism Rocks. The charity hosts private concerts in order to raise money. They have hosted performances by people like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and a few DJs.

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