Brad Reifler Investment Advice For New Investors

One of the major concerns of all people everywhere is how to create financial security. In an article on Reuters, the top investment tips of Brad Reifler were shared and it is important that all people regardless of current income level become aware of these ideas. They will allow a person to start down the road to building and maintaining personal financial stability.

Reifler became determined to create investment opportunities for all investors regardless of their current financial situation. This was predicated when his father in law asked him to invest his life savings and Reifler found that there were very few options for investment if one wasn’t one of the top 1 percent of the financial world. That caused him to begin to create a public fund that people like his father in law could invest in and build their financial situation.

Wikipedia makes it pretty clear this experience exposed many of the current rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission to be in favor of the wealthy and making it virtually impossible for the average person to invest and grow their wealth. The wealthy one percent of society are dominating investing opportunities focusing on putting money into public funds, commodity investment and hedge funds. Those with less capital initially are not able to invest in most of these options so it was a case of the rich getting richer. This bothered Reifler so much that he changed the direction of his firm to allow for more access to wealth building to a larger portion of the population. This is important because one of the best strategies for solid investing is through diversification and that is reserved for the wealthy under the old system.

This led to the development of Brad Reifler’s five tips for investing for all people regardless of their current financial situation to receive a satisfying return for their effort.  Something Brad spends a ton of time talking about on Twitter too.

1. Use caution in investing your money. This is a major undertaking and an investor should do their due diligence and research all investment options fully considering charges, risks and total expenses before risking your assets. Make sure to create goals for your investing practices so that you will have a guiding principal.

2. Have a natural concern about the safety of your money. An investor should not act on impulse and only deal with organizations that can be trusted and have a reputation for honesty and success.

3. Diversify your investments. Don’t put all of your money in the stock market. Use several different types of investment so that one factor won’t destroy your wealth building goals.

4. Get to know the person who is investing your money for you. Develop a trust and knowledge of the manager of your funds so that you can get answers to questions and have a person to ask questions of and get answers from. This can help you understand the steps you have taken toward the realization of your goals.

5. Continually remind yourself what the investment objective for your money is. This will keep you learning and evaluating all of the investment activities your money is involved in. Be careful about how much you are investing, in case something goes wrong. When you evaluate something is working and building wealth, add to it.

These tips are designed for all investors, regardless of current wealth. Brad Reifler has made it his life’s work to allow all people learn about investing and participate in the wealth building process. Once a person realizes what is available to them then nothing can stand in their way. All people have the ability to learn to invest their money wisely and build their wealth and create a financially sound future.

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