Into The Arms of Success

Throughout all of my years in college, I had always had a deep want to own a trading firm like Solo Capital. I have done so much research on the company itself, as well as their CEO, Sanjay Shah. Sanjay just so happens to be a brilliant man when it comes to investing, trading and anything that has to do with accounting in general. Although I have not reached the level of success that Sanjay is at today, it is something I hold at the top of my list for a goal. If I can some how reach that level of success, there would be absolutely nothing stopping me from creating my own trading firm.

Although I have received my accounting and business degree, there are a few more routes I would like to take in school. If I am going to go through with my plan to build a company, I want to be nothing but the best. This means being knowledgeable in every subject that my company counts on. Normally, the head honcho hires individuals who are specialized in all the areas he needs to successfully run the business. Instead of going this route, I want to save money of the hiring of employees and try doing a majority of the work on my own. Of course I will hire some employees to help with the work overload so I am not stuck in the office 100 hours a week, I just want to save as much as I possibly can.

The reason I picked Solo Capital to be my company to build around is because the way all the employees handle themselves and how professionally the business is run. Sanjay Shah has done a wonderful job keeping the company within the lines of perfection. Although every company has their own flaws, everyone works so well together at Solo Capital that it is rather hard to spot out any at all. Although there are the individuals who critique just about any company under the sun, it is important to look past those reviews and contact previous and present employees on your own. Reading internet reviews is an easy way to thrown off track and lead into lies. This is exactly how I decided on Solo Capital. My own research lead me right to their door steps and into the arms of success.

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