Sanjay Shah Got Downsized, Made Solo Capital a Success

Solo Capital has proved a very successful hedge fund firm for its founder, Sanjay Shah. If not for all the investment firm failures of 2009, he might never have started out on his own to end up on top. Solo Capital offers several services, including proprietary trades, business consults, and investing in professional sports teams. The trademarks Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK are owned by Sanjay Shah. The company’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom (UK).

In 2011 Mr. Shah’s venture gained profits of £19 million. In 2014 he also bought Old Park Lane Capital as an investment in natural resources. The original company he started, which is the parent company over all the Solo company subsidiaries through Solo Group Holdings, is Aesa S.a.r.l. Sanjay Shah also owns many other companies in various countries, such as the British Virgin Islands, London, Cayman Islands, Malta, and Luxembourg. His fortune now is well over $280 million dollars. Except for his philanthropic activities, Mr. Shah is now retired.

Autism Rocks is just one of several charities Sanjay Shah contributes to. But, in this case it is also a charity that he created. This occurred after he got the idea from the international superstar, Snoop Dogg. When Sanjay heard that Snoop was coming to ‘The Palm’ near his home in Dubai, he arranged to entertain the multi-platinum recording artist in his home. The impromptu meeting between Sanjay’s family and the whole Snoop Dogg entourage was a delight. When Snoop learned that Sanjay has a son who was recently diagnosed as being autistic, he suggested that Sanjay fund autism research through music concerts.

Mr. Shah was galvanized by the idea and quickly worked to setup and fund his charity, Autism Rocks. The biggest names in music have played his private concerts, both in Dubai and in London. Talents that have performed include Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè, and many famous DJs. So far the private concerts have raised $15 million dollars that Mr. Shah has donated to the Autism Research Trust. This Trust is the funding operation for a basic autism research program at Cambridge University.

The journey to investment and finance guru was a strange one for Sanjay Shah. He started out studying to become a medical doctor. But, along the way he developed a stronger interest in business. He worked for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. When the bubble burst in 2009, he was laid off with many others. That is when he made the bold move of branching out on his own and the beginnings of Solo Capital.

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