Andy Wirth And His Relentless Fight Against The Incorporation Of Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth is the founder and owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and a determined philanthropist, the founder of Wounded Warrior Support and a GoFund Me page dedicated to helping the Navy Seals Foundation. Skydiving is one of the best sport and leisure time activities for Andy Wirth and he us very passionate about it. In 2011, a skydiving accident that nearly rendered him armless set him on the philanthropic course. He united with his Navy Seals friends who he had met during their training at Olympic Valley to form an Ironman group, Wounded Warrior Support. This Ironman team had objectives of helping and supporting Navy Seals veterans who had lost their limbs in war get prosthetic limbs. He also supports the Navy Seals Foundation through his GoFund Me campaign where he collects funds for donation to the foundation.

During a recent interview, Andy Wirth spoke about the past few years at Olympic Valley and how business has been. He also talked about the incorporation of the Olympic Valley and why he was so determined to fight against it. About the past few years of business in the Olympic Valley, Andy Wirth said that it has been tough, especially the past four-year which a long drought hit the area. The Lake Tahoe region was greatly affected by the four-year-long drought that brought business in the area to a standstill. The draught leads to a decrease in tourism activities that forced resorts and businesses that depended on tourism to close down due to lack of business.

Andy Wirth says that that hard economic moment is now gone, and the seasonal winds have come early, this time, round. Most resorts and local businesses are now back to operations with a new determination and drive to compensate for the lost time. Most resorts in the area are know renovated and will be able to give tourist more comfortability and luxury. The drought period also allowed Andy Wirth to complete fully the connection of his Squaw Valley Ski resort terrain and that of his newly acquired Alpine Meadows. Now tourists at the Olympic Valley will be able to experience better skiing at the world’s longest ski terrain.

There was also the issue of the incorporation of Olympic Valley, which Andy Wirth fought against with tooth and nail. According to Andy Wirth, the incorporation motion had in the first place come up at a wrong time when the community in Lake Tahoe was struggling with economic difficulties due to the long drought. The people of the area and businesses too hoped that after the draught they will be able to make up for their losses, and that was not going to be possible after the incorporation. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley would also mean more taxes for the people and businesses around the area.

Source:The Reno Gazette-Journal

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