Tracing The Path Of Solo Capital And Sanjay Shah In Business And Philanthropy.

After Sanjay Shah felt that medicine was not his place as a medical student his quit his medical studies. The know prosperous and famous business person and philanthropist say that then he did not want to spend his time as a doctor. He joined accounting and started his business career by working for Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley among other prominent firms in the business industry. He was very prosperous as an accountant, and this is what gave him a chance to work with such notable names in the business. He became an entrepreneur in 2009 after he was made redundant in the 2008 economic crisis. At this time, he was not ready to look for another job, and he felt more comfortable starting his own business. From the small fortune he had made as an accountant, he started forming start up firms all over the world. He lastly founded Solo Capital in this same year.

Solo Capital is a global firm that offers boutique financial services to its clients. This firm’s financial boutique services included; proprietary trading such as FX, derivatives and commodities; professional sports investments management regarding talent management, sports investments business and financial representation, sports performance analysis and sports assets management; consultancy services such as human capital advisory, financial and investment consultancy. Solo Capital was so successful in this field as it was able to give clients in the business sector unmatched and incomparable services. Solo Capital also engaged in financial and economic bets such as the Greece debt crisis which was the biggest profit earner for the firm. Solo Capital was also prominent for its top customer services in the business industry that always kept its customers coming back and its clients numbers grow. Solo Capital was able to rise gas to being one of the best firms in the business due to its high experienced and professional staff who gave their customers best services.

Solo Capital recently added Old Park Lane Capital under its management following the purchase of the firm. The natural resources stock broker firm, Old Park Lane Capital, which was facing collapse, will be the new Solo Capital venture. The entry of Solo Capital in the natural resources industry is expected to improve the industry and also help this firm gain more clients. On the other hand, Sanjay recently started an autism charity after he retired from business. The charity known as Autism Rocks was founded by Sanjay Shah after he got passionate about helping children with autism. Sanjay Shah is now a fully dedicated philanthropist, and he is expected to bring a lot of change in the to the philanthropic industry. Sanjay Shah and his Autism Rocks charity have already started funding research and awareness programs on autism. They also have given donations to autism centers and autistic children all over the world.

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