Sanjay Shah Steers Solo Capital Markets into Financial Success

Solo Capital Markets was founded by businessman Sanjay Shah in 2011. It deals with financial services and stock trading in London, United Kingdom. It operates as a financial boutique firm and is regulated in the UK. Since inception, the company has continuously outperformed others in the financial services markets. This has seen its tremendous growth from a mere startup into a force to be reckoned with in under four years of operation.

Control and Ownership

The company was started by Sanjay Shah and is privately held. It is controlled by a subsidiary of Aesa S.a.r.l. called Solo Group Holdings. The companies are owned and controlled by Sanjay Shah. It has an issued share capital of £18.2 million with an equivalent £18.2 million in equity holding.

Financial Operations of the Firm

Solo Capital has specialized in three main areas that have been quite profitable for the company. In proprietary trading, it trades in commodities as well as their derivatives. It also deals with forex currency trading. This area has higher risk with an equivalent high return. Solo Capital has experienced personnel who lead its consulting services division. The company offers professional investment advice, performance appraisal strategies and human capital.

The firm is also involved in professional sports investments. In this area, it has specialized in talent acquisition, commercial representation and advisory services as well as asset management and performance appraisal. The company has hired an experienced team of professionals to carry out all company business and ensure exemplary client service.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay shah is a British born businessman and entrepreneur of Indian origin. In 2009, Shah decided to use his entrepreneurship skills and years of experience working in the financial markets sector to start a financial brokerage company. That year marked the beginning of Solo Capital and over three dozen other companies associated and owned by the Philanthropic businessman.

Shah revealed in a Global Citizen Magazine interview that he initially studied medicine for a while. However, he soon realized that this was not the right career path for him. He took a bold step and dropped out to study accounting. After graduating, he secured employment in a number of top investment banks in the country including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Retirement and Philanthropic Endeavors

Today, his group of companies stretch across Europe in countries like Luxembourg, Malta, Dubai, London, Cayman Islands as well as the British Virgin Islands. Shah is officially retired from active employment and has retreated to Dubai where he currently resides with his Family.

Shah is passionate about supporting Research into Autism. The philanthropist started Autism Rocks, a charitable organization that raises money for research work done by Autism Research Center at Cambridge University. Autism Rocks organizes charity concert and arranges for free performances by top international musicians.

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