Dr. Jenifer Walden Is Making a Better You

Getting medical help to make the most of your appearance has never offered more opportunities. Consumers can choose from fast out­patient procedures like Botox injections, chemical peels and lasers that smooth the skin. There are also plenty of highly qualified aesthetic surgeons who provide more extensive treatments. Common examples of these are breast augmentation, face lift or eyelid surgery, liposuction and nose reshaping.

At any given time, some of these surgeons are especially “hot.” you hear their names at dinner parties or run across them on social media. These are the aesthetic surgeons who have established themselves as tops in the field. You will find a few in every region of the country from California to New York to Florida.

Jennifer Walden is a recent addition to the ranks of these elite and popular cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. As an undergraduate, she studied biology at the University of Texas. She earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Section. She compiled a top academic record, which in turn earned her a spot on the staff of the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Once in New York City, Dr. Walden trained in aesthetic surgery with some of America’s leading experts. Her talent and skills soon established her reputation as one of the nations leading up ­and­ coming cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Walden could have remained in New York City. Her expertise had already given her a national reputation and a solid medical practice. She choose to return to her hometown of Austin in 2014, where she already has a thriving practice. Besides being frequently mentioned on social media as one of America’s most in­demand cosmetic surgeons, Jennifer Walden often appears on television and in interviews.

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