The RYTHM Foundation Provides Clean Water Through the Positive Thoughts Project

QNET is an internationally known and respected company that offers a wide range of quality products at prices everyone can afford. It also provides employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people. QNET is also involved in a number of charitable and philanthropic endeavors through its charitable arm the RYTHM Foundation. QNET and RYTHM Foundation recently created a new project. It’s called the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this project QNET will provide two educational institutions that serve children with learning disabilities with top of the line 7 stage water filters. The water filters will give the children easy access to clean drinking water.

The Positive Thoughts Project calls for people to visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and post a positive thought. If 500 positive thoughts are posted within the first two weeks, QNET will donate a 7 stage, German designed, Korean manufactured water filtration system to the Taarana School. If 500 more positive posts are done with the next two weeks, QNET will donate another of the water filtration systems to the UAE based Rashid Centre. These incredibly effective and durable systems will make it possible for the children served by these institutions to get easy access to clean water.

Safe drinking water is one of the most urgent needs of people all over the planet. The people at QNET recognize this and are playing a role in providing this most precious resources. They are also making it very easy for people all over the planet to share positive thoughts and help the children to get safe drinking water. By posting a positive thought and encouraging friends and family members to do the same, people can ensure the children with special educational needs at Taarana and the Rashid Centre will get access to clean, safe, drinking water a lot faster.

This RYTHM Foundation project has deep meaning for people in the region. They understand unsanitary drinking water can lead to learning disabilities, a host of developmental issues, sickness, and death. Providing children with learning disabilities with clean drinking water helps them in many ways. Plus by making it so easy for the public to help in the process is a stroke of genius. It gives many people the opportunity to participate in creating a simple solution to a pressing problem. It also gives QNET yet another opportunity to give back to the communities that have long supported it.

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