Better Reputation Helps With Online Reputation Management

The internet is a make or break place when it comes to a company’s reputation amongst consumers. For example, if you are a restaurant, websites like Yelp can either build a positive or negative reputation for your establishment. You can have thousands of 5 star recommendations, but all it takes is a single one star review to create a snowball of negative attention and press.

This reputation can extend to human resources, as well. If you are looking for quality candidates for a job opportunity, they are researching your company as hard as you are researching them.

On an individual level, having a negative online presence through questionable social media interactions can costs you opportunities for employment and promotions. And it is not just about negative results coming up through a Google search, but positive as well. Just like with a resume, you want to accentuate your positive attributes as much as you can.

Better Reputation is a company designed to help you or your company manage your online reputation. They are there to help you with not just cleaning up your online reputation, but to help prevent any problems from occurring in the first place.

The internet is the first part of your brand that people will see. Let the folks at Better Reputation take a look at your online presence with a free reputation assessment that is designed to look at your social media, web reviews, and other online information and look for any potential red flags you might have.

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