Kevin Seawright Plans to Make Baltimore A Better Place

Kevin Seawright is a renowned financial and administrative operations guru. Most people know him for his ability to achieve objectives set out by organizations which enable them to command newly available opportunities. For more than a decade, Kevin Seawright has used his experience and expertise to better the lives of people living on the east coast. Kevin is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Prior to his current position, Kevin Served as Vice President of Operations and Human Capital for Tito General Contractors.

In his career, Kevin has been able to redevelop business strategies to build more responsive financial/accounting divisions that consistently deliver factoring in new technology. His other accomplishments include:
1. Transforming the revenue planning corporate process
2. Solidifying human capital divisions and in turn improving customer retention
3. Revenue enhancements that have helped increase annual returns by 25%.

Recently, Kevin announced that the residents of Baltimore, MD, will be receiving new and affordable housing units very soon. This project will be handled by RPS Solutions LLC, a joint partnership venture that Kevin founded in 2015. Kevin Seawright established the company to help address the issue of affordable housing in Baltimore and also to contribute to strengthening the community. The primary objective is to ensure that the home ownership rate in Baltimore is increased. Currently, the home ownership rate lies at 48.3%. In addition, the community with the help of RPS Solutions is looking at ways in which they can improve the lives of the existing homeowners in the area. The company and the community are in agreement that filling the Belvedere Square will go a long way in improving the area’s stability and the livelihood of the people living in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright said, “It is rewarding to see more stability fill Baltimore neighborhoods like Belvedere Square. With each new home in Baltimore and surrounding counties, we get one step closer to achieving our goal to raise the city’s current home-ownership rate.”

Increasing the number of homeowners in Baltimore will bring enormous economic benefits to the region in addition to ensuring stable neighborhoods and a vibrant community. RPS Solutions has been helping potential home buyers by connecting them to mortgage lenders. They have also helped in managing assets, constructing new houses and renovating the existing homes in the region.  Be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter for more info.

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