Avi Weisfogel, Helping Operation Smile and Children Everywhere

Operation Smile is a charity dedicated to giving hope and well-being to children around the world. Their main goal is to perform free facial surgeries like fixing a cleft lip and other facial deformities. Every year, the charity conducts medical missions which involve high costs of moving equipment and professions. Raising money for the charity is something that allows the charity to survive and continue to help children everywhere.

Avi Weisfogel is helping out with raising $2000 in a Go Fund Me campaign set for Operation Smile. Having an extensive background in sleep disorders and being in the field of cosmetic dentistry for so long, Avi Weisfogel is more than qualified to set this Go Fund Me campaign. Avi Weisfogel believes in what Operation Smile is doing and wants to help out the best that he can. Having a long term experience with dentistry and even helping other dentists to improve their practice, Avi Weisfogel has more than the determination and drive to lead this Go Fund Me project. Weisfogel believes that children everywhere should have access to the best practices. Operation Smile allows for just that to happen, especially when funds are available and there are people willing to volunteer their time and wisdom.

Operation Smile has been around since 1982. It has progressively grown with more than thousands of volunteers from 80 different nations. Operation Smile is proving to make a difference in the lives of many young adults and continues to strive forward and grow the organization.

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