Communication Links Opened Between U.S. and Venezuela

The continued opening of communications channels between U.S. officials and a number of states that were once seen as enemies has trickled down through Cuba to socialist Venezuela. UPI reports the 46th meeting of the Organization of American States, OAS, saw U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meet with his Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez in a bid to reopen diplomatic lines of communication between the two nations.
At the meeting held in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, where the 34 member nations of the organization had been discussing possible sanctions against Venezuela, Kerry and Rodriguez held a private meeting. At the meeting Secretary Kerry agreed to further diplomatic meetings to be held with Under Secretary of State for political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon being held in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, as revealed by Latino Show.

A statement was released by the State Department in which a spokesperson Ms. Norka stated the meeting was designed to begin the process of finding solutions to the economic and political problems in Venezuela. In response, Venezuelan authorities explained the impromptu meeting was also designed to allow Secretary Kerry the chance to gain a better understanding of the true situation in Venezuela.

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