Goettl Air Conditioning: A New and Improved Company

When people talk about Goettl Air Conditioning these days, they will be talking about it a whole new different light. Gone are the days of negativity, bad press, and unhappy customers. Those are in the past, and they don’t exist anymore. Now, you have happy customers, happy employees, and a happy boss in Ken Goodrich. That is a lot of happy and the more happy you have, the better things will be in the long run. It’s hard to believe that this is the same company that Ken Goodrich purchased in 2012. This company was on life support in 2012 and they were really trending in the wrong direction. Many wondered what was going to happen to them and how they were going to last, survive, and function with things this bad.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

However, sometimes it takes a special person to come in and completely revamp the operations. That person was Ken Goodrich. For those fans of sports out there, it is almost like you are coaching a team that has had many losing seasons and the fans have lost patience. You have a new coach that comes in, gets the players excited, gets the fans interested in the team again, and things change for the better. That is Ken Goodrich, without a shadow of a doubt.

He started by creating some excitement for the company, which he talked about in a recent article. Excitement is vital in any line of work. It can really radiate within the doors of the company. People can feel it in their bones. They can feel the excitement, the joy, and the love of the job. It echoes throughout the building. People feed off it and others can really look forward to a day’s work. That is the ground work that was laid by Ken Goodrich. He knew that in order for the company to be a real players, they needed that excitement in their body and they needed some blood coursing through their veins.

He also talked about starting up a vision. When you have a vision, there is no confusion. When you have confusion in a company, it can really put the company in a bad way as people might not be sure what to expect or what the game plan is. They need to know every detail, follow through with it, and see it through until the very end. Ken Goodrich has the vision of the future.



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