Brian Torchin: A Man Intent on Changing the Health Care System

Most have heard of the medical staffing recruitment company, HCRC Staffing, but little attention is paid to its founder, Brian Torchin. This fact is unfortunate simply because Brian Torchin is a compassionate individual intent on helping the general public as well as the professionals who treat them medically. His extensive education pairs well with his philanthropic personality in order to properly staff hospitals and medical offices throughout the country. Though some do not understand the need for medical staffing agencies, Torchin’s relatability and charisma highlight the need for these agencies.

In hindsight, these agencies are designed to place medical professionals in an appropriate environment for their expertise. This is a fairly intricate process, though, which is something that Torchin enjoys educating the public on. Torchin’s personal approach includes:

  • Job Counseling: It is stressful for medical professionals to find work; it is difficult to work in medical facilities regardless of their location. Torchin believes in helping his clients by abating the stress associated with finding a job and the stress of being unable to retain those positions. This point undoubtedly stems from his generous personality.
  • Job Placement: Despite the competitive medical field and the growing need for professionals, human beings rarely want to work somewhere that does not meld well with their own personalities. Brian’s ability to learn crucial parts of a person allows him to place them in the best facility possible.
  • Verification: In order to weed out frauds, Brian finds it crucial to execute extensive background checks that verify the validity of these professionals.
  • A Mission: Medical students have undergone lengthy training and education to earn their titles, so Brian finds it crucial to ensure that they earn the jobs they worked so hard for. His refusal to give up fuels the success of his agency and makes his heart full on a daily basis.

Conclusively, it is simple to start an agency and begin working to place professionals in facilities in need of a staff. Lacking in compassion, however, is something that contributes to the health care crisis being seen throughout the country and other portions of the world. Brian Torchin’s professionalism and generally caring soul allows him to pair experts with the appropriate facility in a way that will benefit every citizen of the country.  See the full job listings that Brian offers through HCRC on

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