Laidlaw & Company Was Subjected To A Double-Edged Sword When Relmada Therapeutics Filed Amended Protests Bare 2 Months After Filing The Official Lawsuit.

Relmada Therapeutics Inc, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company previously filed a Lawsuit Against Laidlaw & Company in the Nevada District Court. Relmada Therapeutics Inc has already filed a motion to amend the same Lawsuit in a nail-biting pronouncement. The amended protest rubs salt to an already wounded Laidlaw by inclusion of additional legal claims. Relmada Therapeutics claims Laidlaw & Company infringed on the fiduciary duty by divulging confidential information it was entitled to through proxy entities in the course of representing Relmada as its investment banker.

Relmada Therapeutics wants further compensation for expenses (costs and fees) incurred in the course of addressing the untrue allegations leveled by Laidlaw & Company through proxy entities in December of 2015. Relmada Therapeutics elaborated that the Nevada District Court had beforehand subjected Laidlaw to a short-term restraining order and instituted sanctions against its top executives including Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The restraining order and sanctions were due to Laidlaw executives’ distribution of inaccurate and untrue information. Relmada Therapeutics board of directors holds the opinion that Laidlaw & Company must be held accountable and ordered to cover the costs associated with Lawsuits and reputation. They also argue that Laidlaw & Company must be prohibited from causing the same damage to Relmada Therapeutics moving forward.
About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd is a privately-held investment boutique/bank dedicated to offering an array of transparent and independent investment guidance, alternative investment solutions and high-end customer service to high-value institutions and personalities in the US and UK. The company is headquartered in New York with over 200 employees. The top executives of Laidlaw & Company include Mr. Matthew D. Eitner(Chief Executive Officer), Mr. James P. Ahern (Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets), Mr. Hugh Regan (Executive Director of Investment Banking and Head of Laidlaw Private Equity), Mr. Craig Bonn (Senior Managing Director) and Mr. Hugh J. Marasa (Senior Managing Director, Private Placements)


Makari Skin Whitening Cream and its Impact on Women Around the World

Many women desire beautiful skin. If they haven’t discovered a product called Makari de Suisse, they don’t know what they are missing. Makari de Suisse provides many benefits to its clientele.

Makari gives its customers beautiful skin tone. It has changed the lives of many people (mostly women) around the world. Its products are made in Switzerland. Makari takes pride in helping its customers achieve the beautiful skin in which they yearn.

Having beautiful skin not only makes someone look better, but it also helps the individual feel better physically. Makari strives to bring out the utmost beauty and increase one’s self-confidence.

There are four major benefits to this product. First, it reduces dark spots. This is done naturally and without hydroquinone. Second, it helps to fade scars from acne. Thirdly, it helps prevent signs of aging. Last but not least, this product is a clinically proven natural formula that lightens skin.

An important thing to note is that Makari sells more than just this skin care product. They sell many different healthcare and beauty products. Some of these include hair care, cosmetics and fragrances. They even sell other products, such as jewelry, and they also have their own tote bag with their trademark on it.

Makari is always developing and launching new products. They have a page on their website that is devoted to new products. Their blog gives potential customers useful information and news about products so that they can make an informed decision before purchasing anything from the website.

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Texas Based Financial Services Company Reports a $25 million increase in the Senior Unsecured Notes Offering

The latest announcement by NexBank Capital, Inc. about increasing the amount of senior unsecured notes offering to about $75 million will see the company grow its capital for its banking subsidiary as well as other corporate purposes. The financial services company released the statement on September 9, 2016, and indicated that the increase in the offering was to ensure the strong demand from investors is met.

NexBank Increases Senior Unsecured Notes Offering to $75 Million

In March 2016, NexBank Capital reported strong consolidated results for the full financial year and the fourth quarter of 2015. The company recorded a 35 percent growth in the Return on Average Equity. Its net income for the 2015 full year reached $53.2 million from $16.2 million in 2014.

Over the entire year, the company’s total assets grew to $2.72 billion, a 48 percent growth from the value in 2014. Basically, NexBank has remained focused on its institutional client base and the development of its business in the United States. The company continues to position itself to capture every opportunity that will expand and strengthen its product offering.

The increase in senior unsecured notes offering represents a $25 million increase from what the NexBank had announced in March 2016. The company used Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P. as its primary placement agent for the private offering of the senior unsecured notes. According to the reports, the stated maturity of the notes is March 16, 2026, and they are non-callable for a period of five years. For the first five years, the notes will bear interest at a fixed rate of 5.50 percent after which a floating rate will apply.

NexBank is a financial services company with its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The company deals with three core areas namely Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Investment Banking. For over nine decades, NexBank has been providing customized financial and banking services to its clients including financial institutions, corporations, institutional clients, and individual clients throughout the United States.

Lime Crime CEO Becomes Leader In Top Female Entrepreneurs

Lime Crime might be a bit bizarre for the name of a major makeup company, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite brilliant. The brand name is very “Google-able.”

Founder and CEO Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way, and besides, her real Russian name is a lot longer. Lime Crime and Doe Deere go together quite nicely, sky-rocketing their way to the top. At the moment, the brand’s Instagram account shows more than 2.5 million followers. Having a presence on social media is a big deal for thriving e-commerce sites, and fans around the globe adore wearing the funky color palettes from the unique cosmetics company.

Doe Deere is a hardworking businesswoman, according to an article in GaloreMag. The young woman with the candy-colored tresses and vivid fashion and makeup has finally been accepted by the so-called mainstream culture.

Doe Deere now ranks highly alongside other famous business ladies like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. All three were on the cover of Self-Made magazine, after being named to the mag’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs list.

That was a huge accomplishment for Doe Deere, who established Lime Crime makeup in 2008. It’s been a slow but steady rise and has since exploded on social media sites, where Doe Deere believes the shopping future lies. She always adored playing with colors as a young child growing up in Russia and liked experimenting with bold makeup colors. She liked fantastical creatures like the elusive unicorn, and when she moved to the United States, she brought her wild imagination and creative artistry with her.

Doe Deere had trouble finding vivid makeup, even in the gigantic New York City metropolis. So, she decided to create her own un-beige brand in a rainbow of hues that went far beyond the normal makeup color spectrum. In a Lime Crime world, makeup shades like Metallic Mauve, Burnished Bronze and Earthy Red were unique lipsticks to dare yourself and put on.

Doe Deere’s wild, modern makeup can be found at her shopping website and popular retailers like Urban Outfitters and DollsKill.