Laidlaw & Company Was Subjected To A Double-Edged Sword When Relmada Therapeutics Filed Amended Protests Bare 2 Months After Filing The Official Lawsuit.

Relmada Therapeutics Inc, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company previously filed a Lawsuit Against Laidlaw & Company in the Nevada District Court. Relmada Therapeutics Inc has already filed a motion to amend the same Lawsuit in a nail-biting pronouncement. The amended protest rubs salt to an already wounded Laidlaw by inclusion of additional legal claims. Relmada Therapeutics claims Laidlaw & Company infringed on the fiduciary duty by divulging confidential information it was entitled to through proxy entities in the course of representing Relmada as its investment banker.

Relmada Therapeutics wants further compensation for expenses (costs and fees) incurred in the course of addressing the untrue allegations leveled by Laidlaw & Company through proxy entities in December of 2015. Relmada Therapeutics elaborated that the Nevada District Court had beforehand subjected Laidlaw to a short-term restraining order and instituted sanctions against its top executives including Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The restraining order and sanctions were due to Laidlaw executives’ distribution of inaccurate and untrue information. Relmada Therapeutics board of directors holds the opinion that Laidlaw & Company must be held accountable and ordered to cover the costs associated with Lawsuits and reputation. They also argue that Laidlaw & Company must be prohibited from causing the same damage to Relmada Therapeutics moving forward.
About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd is a privately-held investment boutique/bank dedicated to offering an array of transparent and independent investment guidance, alternative investment solutions and high-end customer service to high-value institutions and personalities in the US and UK. The company is headquartered in New York with over 200 employees. The top executives of Laidlaw & Company include Mr. Matthew D. Eitner(Chief Executive Officer), Mr. James P. Ahern (Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets), Mr. Hugh Regan (Executive Director of Investment Banking and Head of Laidlaw Private Equity), Mr. Craig Bonn (Senior Managing Director) and Mr. Hugh J. Marasa (Senior Managing Director, Private Placements)


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