Nathaniel Ru: A True Food Entrepreneur

Nathaniel Ru is quite an accomplished man. However, there are a few other people to take into consideration. Two other names are important here: Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Nathaniel Ru and his friends had no idea what they would do after graduation from Georgetown. Fast forward to eight years later and they would soon have control over one of America’s sexiest startups.


You might be wondering what this ‘sexy’ startup is. It is called Sweetgreen and it is a Washington-based, hip, and healthy farm-to-table salad chain. There are now 31 nationwide currently and there are soon to be 40 by the end of this year. These three students were the projects of entrepreneur parents themselves, so it is no surprise that such a great and healthy idea was created once they put their minds together.


Nathaniel Ru is part of sweetgreen and his pitch hasn’t changed. In his opinion, the pitch to their business model has only been added to. He believes that they sell a set of values that are about doing everything right sustainably. He does not just mean that about the business, but in the food they serve, the way they hire people, and they way they treat people in their stores.


Sweetgreen likes to go by the saying of serving “simple, seasonal, healthy food.” Nathaniel Ru has ensured, along with his business partners, to provide only the healthiest of food options. It is a perfect place for those looking to improve their diets, to eat healthier, and to assist with weight loss. However, it isn’t just that; it allows the customer to feel good, not guilty, about the food they are eating.


As a part of sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru has helped to evolve as a thought leader in the food industry through its supply chain and transparency efforts. This is a very incredible restaurant that rotates five times a year, with produce from three-hundred different farms found in its stores. Not only that, but the poultry is humanely raised, antibiotic-free, and cage-free. The poultry even is fed a vegetarian diet.


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