The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an individual who is most known to be not only an American businessman, but also a philanthropist who has used his intelligence as well as his leaderships in order to create a four decade empire that has been specifically dedicated to giving information to the public on relevant topics. As an individual who grew up within a Jewish family in Washington D.C., Bruce Levenson learned at an early age that one of the most important aspects in life is to respect tradition and to promote modernization with tradition in mind. Bruce Levenson, with over four decades of business experience, has created an empire of his own with the help of his education as well as his passion for business. Bruce Levenson has always held his family close and has continued to receive much needed advice from his mother as well as from his supporting wife.

Bruce Levenson is most known for his company that was created in 1977 and is known as the United Communications Group, a company that specifically specializes in offering information to the public about some of the most relevant topics as well as some of the most relevant industries. The United Communications Group is a company that is especially talented at providing information to the public about the oil industry. United Communications Group is even an owner of a mobile app that is known as Gas Buddy. This app is dedicated to providing free information to the consumers on where the lowest prices of gas are located. As a successful businessman, Bruce Levenson is an individual who has used his wealth to give back to the community and to help not only children, but also help museums remain preserved. Bruce Levenson believes in the importance of preserving history to be reminded of in present day. Visit the brucelevenson website and Wikipedia page for more info.


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