Markus Rothkranz: Get A Standing Desk To Improve Your Health

Marcus Rothkrantz is a very well-known motivational speaker and lifestyleguru. He gives great advice about how to live the best life, and he also encourages people to do positive things for their health. In Marcus Rothkrantz’s YouTube video, he speaks about the importance of getting up and not sitting down all day.

Rothkrantz believes that sitting down is one of the most dangerous things that we can do for ourselves. Many people know that things like hamburgers or cigarettes are bad for their health. For that reason they may limit the amount of negative things that they eat, or they may limit the amount of negative things that they drink. Many people do not limit the amount of time that spend they sitting down, and in reality a chair may be something that is much more dangerous than anything that they put inside of their bodies.

Rothkrantz speaks of the fact that in many Third World countries people do not even have chairs. Sitting down is not something that they regularly do, and because of that the quality of their lives is actually a lot better than people in the western world. Their legs are their main form of movement, and because of that they lead lifestyles that are a lot more healthy than our.

Americans go from sitting down at their job, to sitting down in their car, to sitting down for entertainment. They spend a great part of their day sitting and not exercising. Many studies have shown that people are a lot more likely to die younger and get cancer because of a sedentary lifestyle. In reality, sitting down is worse than smoking and worse than eating junk food.

Marcus Rothkrantz believes that standing desks are the best things for individuals to do is work on standing desks. Standing desks allows an individual the opportunity to work while they are standing. Standing desks can also come with a treadmill, so a person can actually walk while they are standing. Our bodies are truly meant to stand, and we should be spending the majority of our lives in standing positions. Since that is the case, standing desk are a great investment for our health.

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