How Sweetgreen Started and the Factors that Fueled its Success

Sweetgreen has become a household fast casual seasonal restaurant in the Georgetown area and other states in the United States. The success achieved by Sweetgreen is attributed to the determination of its three founders Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru.


Creation of Sweetgreen

The business idea was triggered by the need to create something, a great love for food and a desire to solve an issue in their lives. This happened during the start of their senior year while having discussions regarding the limited options in Georgetown for healthy and affordable food. The discussions fueled the creation of a business plan.


The fact that none of the three individuals had experience in business did not sway their will to see the business work. However, Nicolas Jammet attributes a portion of Sweetgreen’s success to their lack of business experience. This is because the trio gained a chance to look at every issue from a new perspective.


Factors that have Contributed to Sweetgreen’s Success

The original business location based on M Street and lack of adequate resources propelled the trio to adopt creative thinking. They also focused on their commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability. Additionally, they obtained wise counsel from architects, restaurant owners, and the Georgetown faculty. Although their business idea was not a school project, they utilized and applied whatever they learned during their senior year to create Sweetgreen.


Other Ventures

The trio has also launched other ventures since the foundation of Sweetgreen such as Sweetgreen in Schools. Sweetgreen in Schools is a program that aims at educating children about healthy living and nutrition via hands-on workshops and activities. They have also managed to create Sweetlife, which is an annual food and music festival.


Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the trio founders and chief executives of Sweetgreen, a fast casual restaurant chain in the United States. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru created the Sweetgreen business in August 2007, which was three months after graduating from the popular Georgetown University. Nathaniel Ru has emerged as one of the notable individuals among the three highly promising executives. His financial education background has come in handy in driving the Sweetgreen to the business venture it is today. Currently, Sweetgreen boasts of more than 27 locations in about six states across the United States.


Nathaniel had significant influence in the launching of Sweetlife, which has turned out to be the biggest food and music festival in the region. The event not only attracts about 20,000 individuals but also attracts A-list music stars such as Kendrick Lamar. Nathaniel also serves as SWTLF Ventures’ principal. He has also proven to have a knack for investing in other companies like LOLA, MeUndies, Bond Street and EatPops. Nathaniel and his co-executives have gained high popularity in business media platforms such as Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg and USA Today among others.


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