How does Martin Lustgarten Ensure Results for His Clients?

Martin Lustgarten sees new client portfolios every day, and he must ensure his clients are given only the best service when they visit him for the first time. He pulls together quite a few different investment techniques that will produce results, and this article explains how he helps everyone find their way in the investing world. Martin understands what it takes to make money as an investor, and he trains his clients to make decisions just as he would.

#1: Martin Teaches His Clients To Think Like Investors

Every investor working with Martin learns what it means to look at the economy as an investor. A proper investor has a long-range view of everything, and they make choices that involve their position in the future. Maintaining their position for the future is more important than making a quick dollar today, and Martin shares his own philosophy for making money.

#2: Martin Turns Around Each New Client Portfolio

The portfolios may be quite difficult to untangle when Martin meets someone for the first time, and he believes it is possible for any client to start anew. He may divest a client from investments that are not appropriate, and he will begin a new investment stream that sends their money to new places.

#3: The Plans Offered By Martin Are Time-Tested

Martin has been investing for some time, and his techniques have been tested over and over again. He works quite hard on his own portfolio, and he simply applies what he knows to his clients and their portfolios. He believes a client will make quite a lot of money when they are following his tactics, and he may send them around the world to different markets that are not necessarily stocks. Martin has trained clients to invest in foreign debt, precious metals and currencies.

Each new client who visits Martin Lustgarten will find it quite helpful to learn what is wrong with their investments today. They will see how they may change things, and they will begin learning what the purpose of their investments must be. Martin shines a light on each investment to ensure it has meaning.


The Legal Profession in Brazil and the Latin Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

The generic term “Lawyer” is used to describe anyone who is knowledgeable about the law. Law as a profession is imprisoned in its own conservatism; this is to say that law tends to hold on to the old authority instead of changing with the exciting new developments of society.

Everyone in the society should have access to justice. This is why different countries have several law schools where students get the necessary training to becoming lawyers. A fully pledged lawyer can help people and organizations to ensure that they have fair access to the justice they are seeking.

The public’s image of the average Brazilian lawyer will vary according to the individual’s contact with the profession. Most people conjure up images of lawyers; he is that man with important esoteric information, who is always in a suit and has so much regarding material wealth.

Brazilian law

Brazil borrows its laws from Portuguese, Italian German and French Civil law. For an average citizen, the Brazilian law can be very confusing. This is because Brazil has more than 180,000 unique laws. The Constitution which was enforced in 1988 is the supreme law of the country.

The Constitution organizes the country into states, municipalities, and the Federal District. Brazil has 26 federative states which can formulate their own laws and Constitutions. Even though these states are independent, their powers are limited by the Federal Constitution. Municipalities must also adhere to the dictates of the Constitution of the state to which they belong, and those of the Federal Constitution.

The federal district is unique in that it shares the functions of municipalities and federate states. Again, its organic law must conform to the dictates of the Federal Constitution.

Brazilian lawyers

As of today, Brazil houses more than 600,000 practicing lawyers. Each Brazilian state has its fair share of lawyers with São Paulo having the largest number of practicing lawyers followed by Rio de Janeiro then Minas Gerais.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the prominent lawyers in the country. Mr. Tosto is an expert in the field; he has practiced the profession for the last 20 years. His main areas of expertise include corporate restructuring, credit recovery, banking, M&A, electoral law and international law.

What about his educational background? MR. Tosto attended the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) where he studied law and business administration respectively.

FlockU CEO Josh Verne Gives Tips On How To Be Successful

Josh Verne is a entrepreneur and internet executive with more than 15 years of experience starting and leading multi-channel businesses. Josh Verne is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlockU,LLC. FlockU is a mobile peer to peer exchange for all college students. FlockU features relevant content, news, and opinions that college students can relate to. Students control the content, hoping to make things serious, enlightening, and funny.


Prior to founding FlockU, Verne was the Chief Executive Officer for is an e-Commerce platform that looks at financial wellness and helps individuals with their life purchases. Verne also served as the President of Home Line Furniture.


Recently, Verne did a podcast for where he gives tips on how to overcome obstacles to succeed in life and business.


The first point that Verne makes is to be a leader and not a boss. Verne notes that there are two types of people in management positions; leaders and bosses. A boss demands respect and wants to accomplish their goals. A leader can achieve respect through being selfless and using respect to accomplish the goals that the team set together. It is important to be a leader. Put others first and help the people who follow you.


Try to look for win-win scenarios. A win for you is a win for your clients, society, and employees. Regardless of how bleak a situation is, you can always create a winnable scenario.


Speak less, and do more listening. The less you speak, the more power your words have. You will have more authority, and people will listen to you.


Have balance in your life. Life is a balancing act. Balance is not about putting the same amount of emphasis into every aspect of your life. It’s important to progress. Make sure you are improving daily throughout your life.


Find things that you are passionate about. In order to be successful, you must have passion. Find something that you enjoy doing every day. If you are doing something without passion, you will have uninspired, meaningless days. Being successful is all about passion.

Wengie’s life hack recommendations

Wengie reviews 10 life hacks including how one can remove lint from a garment, remove keys from a key ring, a solution to forgetting things when departing from your home, guarding against your personal information from getting into a third parties hands, keep documents in tact when traveling, guarding against a leak in your trash can, going right to your preferred setting when showering, keeping your breakfast cereal intact, and remember what items are needed to restock one’s refrigerator. If garments are worn with lint, Wengie suggests utilizing a razor to slowly pass over the garment to remove the excess lint. Many times keys are added and removed from a key ring. The process of removing keys becomes simpler by taking a staple remover, pulling apart the ring, and adding or removing the keys as applicable. Morning can be hectic when trying to get to your destination in a timely manner, yet by stacking items in one spot, everything will be made available to grab prior to departure. Identification theft is rising so one will want to ensure personal information is masked. Wengie recommends scribbling numbers and letters on top of your initial note to keep information out of those that may want to use it for deceptive purposes.


Traveling has challenges when attempting to transport documents in luggage. In order to prevent paperwork from getting torn or wrinkled, Wengie noted to use a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag to keep your items straight. Taking out garbage comes with challenges when liquids are added. Simply place newspaper in the bottom of a garbage bag so that the liquids are sopped up. If garbage bags are not staying secured, use the hooks on the garbage bag to connect to adhesive hooks that can be placed on the side of the trash can. Showers can be challenging to find a perfect temperature setting. Yet, if one marks the faucet with a white board marker with the setting that is comfortable, then this issue will be solved each time one enters the shower. Breakfast cereal can break down as the box gets emptied creating crumbs. Use a colander to sift out the crumbs to maintain full cereal flakes to enjoy. Grocery shopping can be a chore, yet by taking a picture with your cell phone of the belongings in the refrigerator one will know what is needed to replenish the supply.


Learn more about Wengie:

Getting Reputation Management Service

Are you considering getting online reputation monitoring and management service? Do you want to have peace of mind in knowing that your company is being protected? You can have the experts handle this issue for you while you focus on what you do best – working on your projects.

Online reputation management is an essential aspect of running a successful business. Nowadays, any company that does not set up a good system to manage their online reputation is taking a huge risk. It is always advisable to hire the expertise of online reputation management specialists.

As a company manager or business owner, your reputation is your key to success. An impressive reputation attracts more business, brings higher sales, and encourages customers to work with your organization. A mediocre reputation, on the other hand, can immediately ruin sales and put a crucial dent in your bottom line. As a result of this, countless companies choose to prioritize online reputation management.

Unfortunately, administering your online reputation on your own can be complicated. As a result of this, countless small firms pick out an online reputation management firm to do the job for them. If this is an option you have been taking into consideration, you will need to know how to pick out an established enterprise that can get the job done very well.

Online Reputation Reviews management professionals are available and can help ensure that you are protected from threats or impending attacks. They have access to a vast range of resources that help build a good reputation. They have a range of tools and resources, which enable their team of experts to keep track of, fix as well as restore their clients’ online reputation, and ensure a positive image.

Take the initial step to defending against threats as well as stopping assaults, by registering with a reputable reputation management firm. These professionals will set up a consultation to review your scenario and your needs, and determine what they could do to build a favorable brand image for your firm, efficiently protect against impending attacks, as well as help you operate effectively.


Livio Bisterzo Hopes The Chickpea Will Bring Success For His Company And The People Of East Africa

Livio Bisterzo & Hippeas Give Back to East AfricaThe humble chickpea is now taking center stage for many people who are looking for a high quality and healthy snack to take with them each and every day. Green Park Brands CEO Livio Bisterzo has been looking for a new way of helping the people of the world to snack in a healthy and sustainable way for around seven years; after developing the Green Park Brands group Livio is now beginning to find success with his range of chickpea based snacks that include three grams of fiber and four grams of protein per serving.

In his work to develop a new range of healthy snacking options over recent years Livio Bisterzo has been searching for the best way of creating a vegan friendly, gluten free, and certified organic snacking option that is tasty and healthy; Livio is now heading the Hippeas brand that also states the products it has created are Kosher and non-GMO to make sure as many people as possible have the chance to enjoy these 100 calories per pack range of snacks.

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) understands the need to make healthy snacks as enticing and flavorful as possible to attract customers to the Hippeas brand that has recently been accepted into the Starbucks family of products; to this end Livio and his team of developers have created a range of flavors that should be wide ranging enough to provide an option for almost any person, flavors include the imaginatively named “Far Out Fajita”, “Pepper Power”, “Maple Haze”, and “Vegan White Cheddar” in its current six flavor range.

The work of Hippeas and Green Park Brands is not limited to simply developing a new range of products that will be popular with those seeking a healthy option, but the company under the leadership of Livio Bisterzo is also hoping to change the lives of millions of people in Eastern Africa through its own success.

Hippeas will be stocked in more than 7,500 Starbucks locations and for every pack sold Green Park Brands will give back to the chickpea farmers of East Africa by donating a portion of its own profits to the Farm Africa charity. The lofty aims of Farm Africa include bringing an end to hunger in Eastern Africa and create a new era of wealth and prosperity for the farmers of this region of the world.

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How Clay Siegall Has Led Seattle Genetics To Become a ADC Leader

Clay Siegall is the President and Co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He also sits as the Chairmen and on the Board of Directors for his biotechnological company. Siegall trained in science and received a doctorate degree which specialized in cancer treatment therapies. As a result of his extensive training and experience on the board of Directors for Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna therapeutics, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals Siegall was able to create Seattle Genetics. The company was built based on a strong foundation in scientific inquiries and research to create treatment drugs that can help cancer patients. He started the company by forming a conglomerate with individuals who held the similar beliefs in cancer therapy approaches.

Seattle genetics is a leader in the biotechnological field for its antibody-drug coagulates (ADCs) including ADCENTRIS, an ADC used worldwide. Siegall has helped Seattle Genetics enter multiple licenses with companies like Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbvie, and Genetech (formerly known as Roche). He has earned over $325 million through his innovative programs. After the success of ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics began planning the formulation of 12 new drugs to treat different types of illnesses. ADCETRIS was specifically formulated to treat systematic large cell lymphoma and Hodgkins lymphoma. In development are also the drugs MMAF to treat non-Hodgkin lymphoma symptoms, ASG-5ME to aid patients with pancreatic, gastric, and prostate cancers, ASG-22E to treat lung, breast, pancreatic, and bladder cancer, and SGN-CD19A to treat hematologic malignancies. Siegall has over 20 clinical trials running to determine the effectiveness of these pipeline drugs and make changes as needed.

Dr. Siegall uses Facebook to interact with the public. He creates posts and finds articles that support his work. He uses social media to not only advertise his company but also to educate followers on cancer and ways it can be treated.

Evaluating Waiakea Water’s Community Involvement

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water recently announced that its partnership with NGO Pump Aid had resulted in the purchase and installation of six Elephant Pumps in Malawi’s rural provinces. The pumps will help in the provision of clean water to rural communities in the South African nation. The two organizations have been partnering for a long time to benefit disadvantaged communities in different parts of the world. Already, thousands of households have benefitted from the new pumps. There are less cases of water-borne illnesses, something that is keeping more children in schools.

Commitment to Sustainability

Since its formation in 2012, the firm has been focusing on the implementation of sustainable initiatives in the developing world. It has particularly been focusing on improving access to clean water. Its partnership with Pump Aid has been productive since over 500 million liters of water have been supplied to rural communities.

Waiakea water was established by Ryan Emmons. The entrepreneur states that his mission has been to provide a delicious, healthy, and sustainable product. The company has equally been steadfast in its efforts to enhance access to water resources. It also educates communities about the restoration and conservation of water towers. Mr. Emmons asserts that access to water is a universal human right, and that communities should not worry about the quality of water that they use. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in Brief

The company has made a name for itself for upholding sustainable production and packaging practices. It prides itself in packaging electrolyte-rich and naturally alkaline water, which is CarbonNeutral certified. Waiakea spring water originates as rain and snowmelt from the world-famous Mauna Loa Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. It is then passed through porous volcanic rock, which explains why the final product has a delicious alkaline taste.

The company’s has a unique triple-bottom line policy, which is grounded on sustainability, ethical practices, and consumer’s health. Its establishment was a result of Emmons’ desire to produce natural, pure, and healthy water. The production process is harmonized to ensure that it supports the long-term wellbeing of communities living around the water source. It is also eco-friendly since less energy is used.

Innovative Packaging

The firm’s product is packed in bottles made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This is an eco-friendly material whose production consumes less energy than the conventional plastic bottles. The bottles are manufactured on sight in a process that lowers carbon emission by nearly 90 percent. The material itself is BPA-free. This clearly shows that sustainability is part of the company’s corporate DNA.

Three Things To Know From Markus Rothkranz

Standing vs Sitting: Sitting is the New Smoking

Markus Rothcranz talks about the value of being on your feet, for, in case you didn’t know, a sedentary lifestyle is linked to all kinds of health problems, and Markus believes that if you value your life, you’ll get up and move around, since the body is actually made of half legs, right?

If you do value your life, you’ll pay attention to recent studies that say that sitting is just as damaging to one’s health as other known health risks. It seems that many people sit all day long, from being asleep (lying down, nonetheless) to being in the car to go to work, to being in the easy chair at night, watching TV.

These things are not good, for your body needs to use the muscles required to stand or even to walk or run for the better good of your overall health. You’re sure to appreciate how simple it is to stand up at your desk and do some squats, or to invest in a standing desk that can be used so you can stand while working.

Markus actually has a desk that he puts a treadmill in front of, and he challenges you to do the same. Instead of sitting all day long, and risking your health, you can stand at your desk, exercising much-needed muscles. You can also make sure to get plenty of outdoor exercise, too, such as walking, running, gardening, or even indoor exercise like cleaning the house, which burns calories and makes you feel better.

What you probably don’t know about Vitamin B12- Markus Rothkranz

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that you might not think about the body needing until it’s depleted. This is a vitamin that gives you energy through the day. Some people are told that if there isn’t enough B12 in the body that it can lead to brain damage. This is often not the case because if it were true, then there would be numerous more people in hospitals because of a B12 deficiency. B12 is a vitamin that is stored in the liver. If the levels of the vitamin drop, you’ll be able to tell because you will feel tired. This is basically bacteria poop. When you eat a berry off of a berry bush, it’s the dirt that is on the berry that creates the B12. Just because you aren’t getting the dirt and bacteria from living things doesn’t mean that you’re not getting B12.

There are about 60 percent of Americans who don’t have enough B12. Meat is a big source of B12. You’ll find the vitamin in nutritional yeast and produce that you get in the store. The vitamin likes fiber so that it can grow. The main question if you are low on B12 is what is causing it to deplete the vitamin. The first place to look is the stomach. The vitamin is dependent on acid production. If there isn’t enough acid in the stomach, then it will deplete the levels of the vitamin in the body. Sugars can sometimes deplete the levels of the acid in the stomach, which will deplete the B12 levels. Add more acids to the diet, such as sea salt and bitter greens. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is ideal each day to maintain the stomach acid in the body.

h1>Germany- a World Leader in Solar, Wind and Health

Germany is one of the most technological countries in the entire world. They have no slums, no gangs and a female leader running the country. They have zero population growth, freeways with no speed limits, and lots of chocolate. They have everything in luxury quality and castles that are hundreds of years old. There is more green there than there are towns or buildings. They sell preserved jars of weeds in their train stations! Germany is a leading country in alternative energy, and have windmills everywhere. They energy they produce are mind staggering. Stinging nettle is everywhere, which is a very powerful herb. To Germans, it’s almost second nature to use the wild plants that are spread across the country. Germans are really in touch with nature and love to be a part of it. When you go to a fancy restaurant, you will see wild weeds like dandelions on their menu, even on train stations. Almost all the houses have solar panels, even though it is not a sunny country. They are the number one user of solar power in the world. The most popular vehicle in Germany is a bicycle, not a car. This saves energy and keeps them a lot healthier than the rest of the world. Roof tops are even used to grow food if they’re flat. If they are slanted, they have solar panels. Everything from durian to dragon fruit can be found there. All cities have farmers markets, and a lot of Germans grow their own foods, for free. Free food and medicine, all within their backyard. Germans love nature and they try to live in harmony with it as much as possible. Germans are not cold, they are just not into the superficial. They are into the things that matter in life.

Why Afternoon Jogging/Exercise Won’t Burn Fat

Shedding stored fat is something a lot of people struggle with. Is there really any reason to struggle with fat burning? One common reason people have a tough time burning off fat is their exercise sessions focus on burning food and not fat. Markus Rothkranz published an insightful video on YouTube that discussed the proverbial elephant in the room: people who jog and exercise regularly are only burning food. They are not burning up stored fat. Sure, burning up recently eaten food is necessary to get to all that stored fat but a calorie deficit is necessary for any results to be attained.

A person who eats an extra 1,500 calories per day who burns up 400 calories from jogging ends up eating 1,200 extra calories per day. Stored fat ends up being saved and stored. Rothkranz points out the body does not want to burn up stored fat since stored fat is intended for emergencies. Stored fat helps keep people from starving when they don’t have food. The video reveals a very important fact. Early humans did not eat each and every day. They were hunter-gatherers and food was not always easy to locate. Stored fat helped them during the lean times.

Anyone interested in targeting fat may wish to keep on jogging and exercising, but do so with a properly targeted time of the day in mind. Afternoon jogging is going to burn off lunch and breakfast. That is okay, but not optimal. A better plan, as Rothkranz suggests, would be to perform morning, fasted cardio.

The way fasted cardio works is exercise is performed in the morning on an empty stomach. That’s it. Since there is no food in the stomach, the body works on targeted stored fat for energy. This means stored fat calories end up being burned.

Rothkranz reveals an open secret about early morning fasted cardio. A great many models and bodybuilders employ the strategy. They do so for one reason. They experience very positive results. Granted, results do vary from person to person but a lot of people speak highly about this type of cardio work.

Malini Saba Beats the Odds to Success

Malini Saba was born to a middle-class family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She lived here for 19 years and moved to the United States with just 200 dollars. She rented an apartment outside Stanford University and put herself through School. The apartment was located near a railway track and would shake every time the train passed. Nevertheless, that apartment marked the beginning of a prosperous future. She attended investment classes and occasionally, Malini would gatecrash investment meeting and seek the advice of investment bankers. Later, with the small savings she had made she started investing in telecommunication, commodities and Real Estate business.


Today, Saba is among the top investors and philanthropist from the South Asian region. She is the chairman of Saban Capital Group, a company that has invested in technology, oil and gas industries in China, and real-estate properties across the globe. In the year 2001, Ms. Saban founded Stree, a non-profit organization that aims to change the mindset of women who are in the category of low income. It also aims at educating children and women about their roles in the society. Stree is a platform through which women use to access Health Care, legal services and creating a forum where they can connect to public policy.


Ms. Saba has also participated in several philanthropic activities. In June 2005, Malini contributed 1 million dollars with the aim of kick-starting the first Heart Research Centre for the South Asian People. The Research Centre was based at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA. After the tsunami disaster, she toured various affected regions in India and Srilanka and pledged 10 million Dollars meant to fast track the construction of houses for the victims.


Malini Saba is the chairman and founder of Saban Capital Group. It is an American based Equity Investment. The firm is located in Los Angeles. Under her leadership, the company has focused on media, entertainment, and communication Investments.


Daniel Budzinski had a chance to interview Malini Saba. He got to ask her several questions in regards to her roots, her path to success and her philanthropic life. Having talked about her youthful years and the struggles she went through, Malini Saba has a few advice on how to make a successful entrepreneur. Among the tips she gave was; coming up with a unique idea, investing time and capital in it, seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs on how to implement the idea. Finally, she pointed out that it is not always easy but perseverance and dedication are paramount if you have to succeed.