Dick DeVos Gives Back

Dick DeVos is the member of the DeVos family, a family that is known for not only their success within the world of business, but is also known for their generosity to countless organizations across the world that have benefited and have continued to develop thanks to the kindness of the DeVos family. Dick DeVos, even at an early age, has been inspired to continue to follow in the path of his father, Richard DeVos, who founded the family company of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has many fond memories that are associated with his experience with business and knew ever since he was young that he wanted to be a businessman.


Dick DeVos remembers helping his father and his family company whenever he has the chance even before any formal education. Dick DeVos has memories of himself and his brother working in the family office which was located in the basement of his family home at the time. Dick DeVos and his brother not only helped the company by delivering messages, running errands, as well as filing papers, but also helped the company by offering product descriptions to potential clients of the company that were looking for a sale. Dick DeVos had developed a passion for business and was able to continue to develop this passion in college where he earned his degree in economics.


Like his father, Dick DeVos has devoted most of his life to the work of business and to the corporation that was created as well as developed by his father. Though Dick DeVos was his father’s son, he was able to climb the ladder to the top and even became the vice president of international sales as well as the CEO of the company. Dick DeVos has always been devoted to promoting the family name and devoted to making sure that the name continues to be remembered.


Dick DeVos, like his father, has given back to communities across the United States that are deserving. Dick DeVos has given millions of dollars to support and to strengthen the education system within the United States. With this in mind, Dick DeVos has not only created scholarships for kids in need, but has also funded the building of schools to make sure that an excellent education is given to kids who really deserve it. As a supporter of education, Dick DeVos wants to make sure that education is available to those who truly love to learn.


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