The Extraodinary Benefits of Contributing To Science Through The Utilization of Oncotarget

Everyone should be aware that perhaps one of the things that keeps humanity functioning with the efficiency that it does today should be credited largely to advancements that have occurred in the field of science. Science has enabled us as a society to advance greatly towards newer and quite exciting beginnings in which we are introduced to an era in which we can expect much greater advancements to occur, some of which we may be approaching in the very beginning stages.

Oncotarget is a website that regularly keeps up with science and all of its latest news and advancements. If you’re unsure about what you can do to make certain improvements in your learning in the field of science, it’s highly recommended for you to contact one of the representatives who are available to assist at Oncotarget. It is a website that has been created with a minimalist design to let users know that one of the things that the website is going to be known for is science and studies, not a place where those who have no intention of learning or contributing can navigate to and chat away for leisurely pleasure. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press. Although that may sound a bit cruel to an extent, any true enthusiast of the scientific field is well aware of there hardly being any time for extra fun when there is so much to learn and so much room for advancements/improvements for us to be a part of. Plus, learning about science, its discoveries, advancements, and potential outlook should be considered as being fun itself as such instances are certainly exciting to know and learn about. Be sure to visit the page regularly so that you can get ideas on how to implement science into your life on a daily basis. It is truly remarkable what science means to the world. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a company that works to issue fast working capital to those in needs. For the enterprise, they have also specialized in the issuance of stock-based loans to those who want to secure fast working capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans during the onset of the harsh economic conditions during the harsh economic conditions. During these times, banks and other credit facilities tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, they also increase their interest rates to amounts that scare away most of the borrowers.

For this reason, business ends up stagnating. For those who need fast working capital during the harsh economic conditions, they should also consider that Equities First Holdings is one of the most trusted in this capability. For the company, they are looking forwards to the issuance of fast working capital.While many other options are in existence in the industry, most people have sought to get means of securing fast working capital through the banks and other credit facilities. During the harsh economic crisis, banks tighten their lending capabilities so that few people qualify for the loans. As a Matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop high-end skills in this industry.

For this reason, better business is in the watch out of working issues. If you are willing to develop fast working capital, you might also consider working to meet the high-end needs associated with fast working capital.Stock-based loans are better than margin loans. While the two loans are characterized by the use of stocks as collateral, its engagement is different. You are required to state the use of the loans for margin loans. However, you can secure the loan without limitations with the stock-based loans.

Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights Around The Globe

Human rights advocate Thor Halvorrsen is the champion of the powerless. The tireless advocate, born and raised in Venezuela, comes from a long line of freedom fighters that dates back centuries.Halvorrsen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorresen has made many contributions to the promotion of civil liberties, human rights and public policy. He has been championed by The New York Times, The Economist and Time Magazine for his work around the globe.

Halvorrsen began his human rights activism in 1989 as a teenager. In London, he was one of the first people who organized a protest against apartheid in South Africa. Speaking out is something that is in Halverrsen’s blood. Both his mother and father have paid the price for upholding the rights of others. His Norwegian father was imprisoned for speaking out against the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot while protesting.After seeing so much unrest regarding human rights, halvorrsen opened the Human Rights Foundation in New York. “All people should have due process and their rights preserved,” said by Thor Halvorrsen. The foundation has helped secure the release of many political prisoners around the world.

As a producer, Halvorrsen is currently working with director Brian Singer on the adaptation of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The science fiction novel, by Robert Heinlen, will be produced and directed by Singer. He is also working with author Kurt Vonnegut on an adaptation of his short story Harrison Bergeron.Halvorrsen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently divides his time between New York and California.

Meaning of the Word Kabbalah

The sense of the word Kabbalah can be captured well in Hebrew. Here it means “receiving” or “accepting.” The statement is clear as it teaches those who understand Kabbalah how they can be able to acquire more light and spiritual energy from our creator. It also shows how we can share the same mental strength we get from God with other people. Maybe one would wonder what the aim Kabbalah would be. It aims at ensuring that all the inhabitants of the world can be able to receive the light as that it can guide them to the right direction.

Remember that many people are not able to balance their thoughts and actions. It is a challenge for many people, and that is why Kabbalah Centre is important to us. Kabbalah helps us to be able to balance everything in our lives and get the fulfillment that we have always wanted. If you study and master Kabbalah, you will be able to arrange everything in order and know the best time to strategize your life. It will be possible to organize your life and find out when it is the best time to work and interact with your family and friends.

Kabbalah will give a fresh breath of life. It will make you the instructions that will guide you through this life of hardship. After the study of Kabbalah, you will be in a position to implement strategies that can balance the nature of human beings and fundamental forces of nature. The studies stress on the primary spiritual systems in the world. If you become a Kabbalist, you will understand all that happens in the lives that we live.

As a Kabbalist, you will not have a problem with all what comes to our way whether it is right or it is perceived to be bad. All that happens is part of the grand scheme in our lives. Through the acceptance, we can forge forward and get great rewards after understanding the circumstances surrounding our current lives. There is the strength that we get by learning Kabbalah that will enable us to forge forward in our lives without regretting why we were born into this harsh world.

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What Jim Hunt Thinks about the current political climate and its effect on the economy

Nothing has shocked the entire world more than the results of the recently concluded presidential elections in the US. Everyone expected Hillary to win, all the media houses were rooting for a break in the glass ceiling, as Hillary was calling her campaign on Now that Trump has been elected and was officially inaugurated as the 45th president, the shockwaves haven’t died down yet. The fact that since he assumed power, Trump has done nothing else but create even deeper antagonism through his executive orders and overhaul of longstanding policies is not helping matters either.

Trump is the first US president who has been completely unpredictable. Since the start of the year, the ripple effect of the elections has made investors take off their money from the markets. As from the start of January this year, more than $100billion has been withdrawn from the market and the global market is very unpredictable. Just recently, the president announced that certain immigrants on, both legal and illegal from Muslim countries would not be allowed back into the country before vetting. This executive order has left thousands stranded at airport and businesses are being forced to reassess everything about their employment and investment practices and partners.

Jim Hunt, a renowned investment banker and advisor has been giving a lot of advice through his online platform, VTA Publications. Investors like his updates for the fact that he is impartial when looking at the current state of the market and the solutions he offers are simplified in a manner that makes them easily understandable by all investor levels. For instance, in one of his recent videos, hunt has been looking at the market comprehensively and dating back to the 80’s. He observed that right after the elections, the Dow was down by more than 1000 points but immediately after, things started improving. He states that the banking sector seems to be doing better than the stocks.

About VTA publications
VTA publications are a company which specializes in the creation and distribution of online courses. Since the company was created in 2012, VTA Publications has helped many people access financial information both digitally and through print outs. VTA Publications aims to improve the financial literacy of investors across the globe.

The Amazing Business World Of Lori Senecal

Corporate America is usually a men’s game but more and more women are stepping up to lead some of the country’s and the world’s largest companies and corporations. There are many women in Corporate America today that are doing just as good and even better than men in the business world. With their strength and intelligence, women are perfect for running the biggest companies. The women that run these companies have usually run other companies in the past. According to the Huffington Post, there is one woman who has experience being a leader in the business world and working with her employees to ensure a great work environment. That person is Lori Senecal.

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Operating Officer for CP+B. As the Chief Operating Officer of CP+B, she oversees their expansion and growth on a global level. Lori Senecal manages the company’s nine offices that are all over the world. She is also in charge of focusing on the company’s development on a global level. She was appointed the CEO of CP+B in March of 2015. The position of Global Chief Operating Officer was created for Lori Senecal. She was and still is the President and CEO of MDC Partners. CP+B is a part of MDC Partners. Lori Senecal has been the one to bring a great level of managerial experience to both firms.

Lori Senecal is excited to play a significant role in growing the firm on a global scale. As the President and CEO of MDC Partners, her job is to identify areas of growth. With this, Ms. Senecal and her employees can learn the steps it takes to make sure growth happens within the company. Lori Senecal was appointed Global Chief Operating Officer of CP+B after the firm won the Infiniti account in October of 2014. See,

In November, Lori Senecal spoke at the 3% conference. Her speaking session was sponsored by Morgan Stanley. She spoke about “Sheroes”, female heroes that girls and young women can look up to. The session was inspiring and it pushed young women to go for their goals and be leaders in the business world. The 3% conference is a conference about women leaders, in all types of fields. The conference is named after the percentage amount of women creative directors. The conference is successful and it includes live events, community events, speaking sessions by female leaders, mentorship and an online community portal.



Equities Stock-Based Loans That Attract A Growing Number Of Clients Over The Years.

Since the launch of Equities First Holdings in 2002, the firm has transacted over 100 business deals for clients around the world, ranging from highly qualified persons to global enterprises. In 2012, the company reported a growth of 30 percent and an increased growth of 45 percent in 2013. In 2013, Equities accelerated its growth through the partnership with Meridian Equity Partners, an international investment firm operating from its headquarters in London. As a result of the transaction, Equities labor force rose by 50 percent. Al Christy, the chief executive officer of Equities, stated that Equities growth is continuous due to the provision of the highly beneficial stock-based loans. He revealed that a majority of the business clients included investors, executives, enterprises and high net worth individuals who needed the cash for capital.

Equities First Holdings offers customers with stock-based loans that have a fixed interest rate of three to four percent and fixed loan to value ratio of fifty to seventy-five percent. The stock-based loans have a non-recourse nature, meaning a borrower can use the amount for any venture of choice. A client is allowed to use stock in another company as collateral to acquire a loan. Once the loan’s payment is complete, the stock is not dumped into the open market, but it is reassigned back to the borrower. In the case of fluctuation of markets during the transaction process, a client has the full right to walk away from the business deal, free of any future responsibilities arising from the dealings.

Al Christy stated the Equities ensures that it maintains a transparent and integral loan process by recruiting highly qualified legal practitioners to oversee the process. He revealed that Equities aim is to provide clients with maximum benefits of the stock-based loans so as to ensure their personal and professional goals become a reality.

Copa Star; Revolutionizing Hospitalization

Picture a hospital designed to incorporate the structural features and amenities of a 5-star hotel. Nothing short of spectacular! The Copa Star is an exclusive luxury hospital that is part of the D’or network of hospitals, that is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

According to the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS), Copa Star meets the essential quality criteria that measure the standard of healthcare provided to the people. The criteria are determined by accreditation, hospital readmission rate, and overall patient safety.

The marketing concept behind the architecture, technology, and interior decoration is to reassure the public that the facility is primarily optimized to provide specialized quality health care and the amenities are to complement these services.

Copa Star is equipped with innovative technology that is sufficient to handle neurosurgery and cardiac surgeries. The neurosurgery facility is laden with MRI, and top tier diagnostic systems. It also boasts of smart operating rooms and system robots.

The neurosurgeon that helped to design the ICU, Paulo Niemeyer, discouraged the traditional seclusion concept in many hospitals that alienates the patient from the outside world. At Copa Star, intensive care enables the ICU patients to connect with the outside world using visual technology. This technology projects images from cameras placed on the street. These visual projections function as windows.

As part of consolidating wellness, several cameras overlooking the nearby ocean have been mounted on the hospital’s rooftop. The real-time images of these cameras are broadcasted in the patient suites, to assist the patient in every aspect of recovery and hospital wellness.

The hospital has an exceptional modern dining area that has comfortable seating space and artwork from renowned artists. The meals are intricately planned and prepared by the well-known head chef, Pollard Villiard. The meal plans are carefully designed and customized to suit each patient’s nutritional need.

Copa Star specifically developed an application that is installed on the iPad located at the headrest of each bed. The patient can use this app to control the room lighting, curtains, prompt the nurse and video conference with the doctor. The application is also useful to the doctors as it aids in sharing radiology results with the patient.

Copa Star Hospital prides itself in the team of trained personnel that are primarily dedicated to the patient’s health. Jorge Moll, the president of D’or network, reiterated that they have an exclusive hiring process that selects employees with values that align with the institution’s own. The hospital staff received prior training that equipped them with skills for any eventuality and ultimately ensuring the patient’s health, and safety is never compromised.

Copa Star has successfully inspired a revolution in the healthcare department regarding offering the best services, technology, and professional health services. The combination of top-notch medical treatment with all the luxuries available in a five-star hotel has just provided the much-needed solution to specialized hospital services.

How AXA Advisors Firm has gradually changed to being led by Vincent Parascandola.

Located in Paris, AXA Advisors is a French multinational insurance company currently under the leadership of Vincent Parascandola. It is among the first firms in the world to have a brand value growth of nearly fifteen percent for eight consecutive successful years. The reason as to how the firm decided to name the company AXA, but doesn’t stand for any acronym, is the fact that different religions can easily pronounce it easily. Majorly, the firm aims at offering financial security to the loyal customers. They aim at advising how well an individual or business should plan their future and also an individual can attain his/her financial goals after retirement thus peace of mind thanks to life insurance.

When it was founded in 1816, it was first identified as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. Since 1859, the firm has offered consistency and permanency to its customers. It later changed its name to Mutuelles Unies after it had acquired Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie in 1978. Its name AXA was adopted in 1985 as it spread its wings across the world leading to the firm acquiring Sun Life &Provincial Holdings, The Equitable Guardian Royal Exchange among other insurance companies. The firm has been involved in charitable initiatives, AXA Heart in action, and art. In 2008, the firm was seen to create the AXA Research Fund with the aim of providing support for research conducted on factors that are seen to threaten the environment and the society and how they can be prevented.

For nearly seventeen years, the Senior Executive VP of AXA, Vincent Parascandola, has been involved in industry securities registration. In New Jersey, he has been able to progress over two hundred financial professionals. He is also responsible for managing sales, retain, productivity, expansion, and training financial experts both new and experienced. He has more than twenty years of experience in the industry and this is what makes him eligible to head AXA advisors. As years have passed, he has had a chance of portraying his leadership skills that have been applauded by many people. He has also received a variety of awards that include GAMA’s career Development and Master Agency Awards.

With him leading the AXA Advisors, the firm is bound to succeed offering financial support to its clients

JeanMarie Guenot Targets New Cancer Treatments Through Amphivena Therapeutics





Jeanmarie Guenot, PhD. is a business administrator in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. She has worked at the different stages in various companies. She has worked in pharmaceutical research and development, business capital, and venture capital among others. Furthermore, LinkedIn outlines Guenot has worked in the main therapeutic areas like ophthalmology.



She started her career at Atlas Ventures. Her job involved managing working capital investments and organizations of built life science. Her scientific career began at Hoffmann-La Roche as principal scientist.



Guenot joined the University of California for her Ph.D. studies. She earned her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is now the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., a company involved in the development of bi-functional antibody therapeutic.





Accomplishments of Guenot and Amphivena Therapeutics



As the president of Amphivena Therapeutics, Guenot led to the signing of an agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc. Through this agreement, Jeanmarie Guenot has been able to select a candidate to assist in the development of treatment for hematologic malignancies.



Amphivena Therapeutics is working hard to eradicate cancer. This will be achieved through the reestablishment of cellular balance. Guenot brings with her experience in rebuilding.



Also, Guenot has played a major role in the development of treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.




Guenot Biggest Accomplishments. Which ones most appeal to you?



  • She has discovered and developed several drugs.
  • She has contributed positively in an area like cardiovascular diseases and neurology among others.
  • She has established companies.
  • She has participated in the merger and acquisition settlement for PDL’s R&D.


One accomplishment that appeals to me most is the discovery drugs because it has helped many patients.  All of which is outlined on



Media outlets that have featured Guenot



  • Business Wire
  • Market Wired
  • MedReps


Advantages of utilizing Guenot’s services



  • She assists biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies by providing consultation services related to project management, merger and acquisition, and licensing among others.
  • Her discovery and development of new drugs have played a major role in the development of human life.


Guenot’s social media



JeanMarie Guenot has a Facebook account. She shares the summary of what she has done. She also shares information on places and ranks she has previously occupied.




Guenot’s business model and her role in the community



Guenot’s business model is based on building partnerships. She works towards invention and development of new drugs and treatment methods. She has contributed to the improvement of human life by developing new treatment methods.She has helped Amphivena Therapeutics make progress in developing different treatment procedures for cancer.She has also helped biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies meet their financial needs by providing them with her skills and experience.