Copa Star; Revolutionizing Hospitalization

Picture a hospital designed to incorporate the structural features and amenities of a 5-star hotel. Nothing short of spectacular! The Copa Star is an exclusive luxury hospital that is part of the D’or network of hospitals, that is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

According to the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS), Copa Star meets the essential quality criteria that measure the standard of healthcare provided to the people. The criteria are determined by accreditation, hospital readmission rate, and overall patient safety.

The marketing concept behind the architecture, technology, and interior decoration is to reassure the public that the facility is primarily optimized to provide specialized quality health care and the amenities are to complement these services.

Copa Star is equipped with innovative technology that is sufficient to handle neurosurgery and cardiac surgeries. The neurosurgery facility is laden with MRI, and top tier diagnostic systems. It also boasts of smart operating rooms and system robots.

The neurosurgeon that helped to design the ICU, Paulo Niemeyer, discouraged the traditional seclusion concept in many hospitals that alienates the patient from the outside world. At Copa Star, intensive care enables the ICU patients to connect with the outside world using visual technology. This technology projects images from cameras placed on the street. These visual projections function as windows.

As part of consolidating wellness, several cameras overlooking the nearby ocean have been mounted on the hospital’s rooftop. The real-time images of these cameras are broadcasted in the patient suites, to assist the patient in every aspect of recovery and hospital wellness.

The hospital has an exceptional modern dining area that has comfortable seating space and artwork from renowned artists. The meals are intricately planned and prepared by the well-known head chef, Pollard Villiard. The meal plans are carefully designed and customized to suit each patient’s nutritional need.

Copa Star specifically developed an application that is installed on the iPad located at the headrest of each bed. The patient can use this app to control the room lighting, curtains, prompt the nurse and video conference with the doctor. The application is also useful to the doctors as it aids in sharing radiology results with the patient.

Copa Star Hospital prides itself in the team of trained personnel that are primarily dedicated to the patient’s health. Jorge Moll, the president of D’or network, reiterated that they have an exclusive hiring process that selects employees with values that align with the institution’s own. The hospital staff received prior training that equipped them with skills for any eventuality and ultimately ensuring the patient’s health, and safety is never compromised.

Copa Star has successfully inspired a revolution in the healthcare department regarding offering the best services, technology, and professional health services. The combination of top-notch medical treatment with all the luxuries available in a five-star hotel has just provided the much-needed solution to specialized hospital services.

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