What Jim Hunt Thinks about the current political climate and its effect on the economy

Nothing has shocked the entire world more than the results of the recently concluded presidential elections in the US. Everyone expected Hillary to win, all the media houses were rooting for a break in the glass ceiling, as Hillary was calling her campaign on StreetWiseNews.com. Now that Trump has been elected and was officially inaugurated as the 45th president, the shockwaves haven’t died down yet. The fact that since he assumed power, Trump has done nothing else but create even deeper antagonism through his executive orders and overhaul of longstanding policies is not helping matters either.

Trump is the first US president who has been completely unpredictable. Since the start of the year, the ripple effect of the elections has made investors take off their money from the markets. As from the start of January this year, more than $100billion has been withdrawn from the market and the global market is very unpredictable. Just recently, the president announced that certain immigrants on ideamensch.com, both legal and illegal from Muslim countries would not be allowed back into the country before vetting. This executive order has left thousands stranded at airport and businesses are being forced to reassess everything about their employment and investment practices and partners.

Jim Hunt, a renowned investment banker and advisor has been giving a lot of advice through his online platform, VTA Publications. Investors like his updates for the fact that he is impartial when looking at the current state of the market and the solutions he offers are simplified in a manner that makes them easily understandable by all investor levels. For instance, in one of his recent videos, hunt has been looking at the market comprehensively and dating back to the 80’s. He observed that right after the elections, the Dow was down by more than 1000 points but immediately after, things started improving. He states that the banking sector seems to be doing better than the stocks.

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