10 Phone Hacks and Inspiration


If you want to give your iPhone new meaning and importance in your life, you need to check out Wengie’s 10 DIY Phone Hacks That You Should Try. This bubbly YouTube sensation uses simple everyday objects in two types of phone hacks: the phone and its accessories.


To start, she gives the phone a macro lens using a bead of water. She also turns the camera into a black light with some tape and colored pens. So simple! The sixth hack is even cooler. Wengie makes a plastic pyramid and uses it to turn her phone into a 3D hologram projector and it looks amazingly futuristic. Number ten, however, is a bit more old school. She resourcefully puts together a glass jar, oil, water, food coloring, and with her phone turns it all into a lava lamp. If you have ever wished you had a projector, but thought them to be too expensive you should check out number nine. Wengie demonstrates how you only need a cardboard box, a magnifying glass and some play-doh to turn your phone into a projector. If you prefer to watch things on your phone she shows how you can make it more comfortable, using an empty toilet roll for a stand and a pair of party cups for speakers.


The other type of creative hacks are related to the phone accessories. Wengie explains in the second hack how, if her fingers get sticky she uses an old pen and a sponge to easily make a stylus to keep her phone clean. Number three is a DIY exercise armband, which looks a lot more fashionable than anything on the market and Wengie vouches for it so you know it is good. She continues her video by cleverly getting all those cords under control. She uses a pen and hair blower to turn the charger cord into the cutest curl, and then she stops the cords from falling down on the floor with a Lego figure. Who knew the claw-shaped hands of Lego figures fits the Apple products perfectly? Wengie’s YouTube channel is inspirational and easy life hack gold.


Vijay Eswaran of QI Group of Enterprises Ranks Among the Wealthiest in Asia

Dato Vijay Eswaran is an amazing self-made entrepreneur who has made remarkable milestones from a taxi-driver to a multi-million dollar mogul. According to Forbes Asia, Vijay’s net worth is approximated to be $500 million. He confirms that he thrived while in the network marketing, a business deemed by many as unworkable. He endeavored in the diversification of ideas and ventured in real estate, fine art, telecommunications to mention but a few.

Vijay Eswaran left America for Asia, as he relishes his roots. On getting back he utilized the entrepreneurial skills he had attained and created the QI Group, a multinational with a net worth of multi-million dollars. Besides, he is also a proficient lecturer who handles diverse topics across various universities across the world. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://twitter.com/vjayeswaran?lang=en

Notable Charitable Endeavors he has Taken Part in

Eswaran is an in-born philanthropist who launched two foundations that play major roles in women empowerment, boosting youth development projects as well as handling issues of education.

In fact, in 2011 he was recognized by Forbes Asia as among the annual heroes of philanthropy. Incredibly, he has also received accolades in regional philanthropy in Malaysia Worldwide Business Strategies by GOPIO, as well as the Global Association for the people of the Indian descent.

Vijay’s Motivation That Kept him in Pursuit Despite a Challenging Beginning

Eswaran discloses that he rose at a time when the Asian economy was a catastrophe, and worse enough he did not have reliable networks that could fund his ideas. He and his like-minded partners only had the conviction that they would eventually thrive.

According to Vijay, the setbacks are meant to be there, and he still encounters them to date. He says that the day he stops facing them becomes the day he stops progressing. He has faced challenges with his former partners turning against him and even tainting his name. That did not, however, prevent him from picking up and rising above the status.


When challenges come, embrace them as stepping stones. Vijay Eswaran has a strong belief that those setbacks are interwoven with success. They are hence inevitable, and such a notion has kept him in pursuit.

Evolution Of Smooth Defies Expectations

The Bizarre Store Of Smooth

The success of Evolution of Smooth.Ca isn’t something you would expect from the summary of it. A new comer in the lip balm market not only managed to find some profit but also took down the reigning brand. However, the overall story of Evolution of Smooth gives the perfect explanation behind why this brand managed to see so much success. When you make no assumptions and you have a marketing campaign built for the modern age, it’s no surprise you win.

The Social Media Success

Social media is key to the success of Evolution of Smooth. Marketing in general isn’t particularly common in the lip balm industry, but Evolution of Smooth made sure to have a campaign on every major social media website in order to help spread the world. This isn’t the first time that a company tried to make a name for itself on Facebook and other social media sites, but the ease that Evolution of Smooth did it really stands out. Every on the web you can find people taking selfies with spheres of lip balm in their hands. It really takes the idea of word of mouth to another level.

The Next Stage For Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth continues to grow the brand name and expand into other areas of the personal care industry. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions and shaving creams for their customer base. A recent study by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue found that Evolution of Smooth was one of the most popular brands among young women. The products were commonly seen in Walgreens, Target and Walmart. Online stores Amazon and eBay stock EOS too.  This popularity has given the brand a chance to make itself into a name people will remember for years to come. An entire generation now identifies with Evolution of Smooth and the spheres of balm it sells.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Recruiting Skills Like Watching Chef Work

Putting together ineffective basketball team is like putting together a Michelin star dish. Every single ingredient must have a purpose and it cannot be overplayed. And in the end, it must all come together in harmony to tell a story. That’s why I love keeping tabs on college basketball’s best recruiters.


Yanni Hufnagel has to be you one of college basketball’s best recruiters. The man took an unpaid assistant coaching job at Harvard University to put together one of the school’s best teams ever. In his four years in Cambridge, Yanni Hufnagel’s team went 79-24. America’s oldest university has never won an Ivy League championship in basketball until Yanni Hufnagel assembled the team that shattered the record.


But Yanni Hufnagel’s recruiting of the Ivy League school was akin to a Michelin star chef putting together his dish with the hands tied behind his back. It’s difficult to lure the best talent to Cambridge because Harvard does not issue athletic scholarships. And athletes are under the same academic scrutiny as the average Harvard student. How is it possible that he got such a dominant team together despite these difficulties?


This is what really put them on the map for me. Soon after, CBS Sports would issue the results of a questionnaire given to college coaches. His peers named him the assistant coach most likely to succeed based on his recruiting skills. A few years later, he would help UC Berkeley achieve a top five recruiting class.


Jeff Capel, head coach at Oklahoma, loved having Yanni Hufnagel by his side. He watched as the Jewish assistant coach tenaciously recruited for Oklahoma in his early days in coaching. The legendary Oklahoma coach said that he was not afraid to hear the word no and that he was a great businessman. It doesn’t hurt that everybody really likes him, too.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a Comprehensive Solution

Securus Technologies is dubbed a leader in criminal justice technological solutions. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies has garnered this important distinction is because of its technological solutions like Video Visitation.


Video Visitation is working to bring inmate visiting into the 21st century. Through Securus Technologies Video Visitation inmates are able to maintain consistent, meaningful contact with family and friends during their terms of incarceration.


Video Visitation allows individuals to have regular, in depth visits with loved ones in jails and prisons, no matter where people are located. Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is more than just a communication portal like Skype. The technology comes with other resources, like security elements and registration features. The Video Visitation system is a full-service, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution.


The CEO of Securus Technologies recently detailed how extensively the Video Visitation system is being utilized at this juncture in time. Securus Technologies Video Visitation is now in place in 178 correctional agencies across the United States. The company expects the number of agencies utilizing the technology to increase steadily in coming years.


Through the 178 agencies that utilize Video Visitation, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month. This totals up to about 2 million individual visits during the coming year.


Securus Technologies anticipates that the number of individual visits that will occur with the Video Visitation technology will double next year, to about 4 million specific sessions. This is based on trends over the course of the past couple of years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded 232,000 times thus far. The app itself is easy to utilize and is available for desktops and mobile devices.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system sharply reduces the costs associated with traditional in-person visitation. In-person visitation costs an average of $100 per individual visit. Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per visit.

Introducing Dr. Scott Rocklage, A Leader Within the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Scott Rocklage has spent over three decades within the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage received his bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He continued his education at MIT, where he received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and engaged in laboratory research under Nobel Prize winner, Richard R. Schrock. Under Scott Rocklage’s management expertise and leadership capabilities, his efforts led to the FDA’s successful approval of three new U.S. drug applications, Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan.


Scott joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a Venture Partner, and in 2004 he became the company’s Management Partner. 5AM Ventures focuses on offering seed money and investments to clients within the world of biopharmaceuticals and medical technology. Finding solutions and pushing innovation within the life sciences, supporting biomedical technology, and working closely alongside firms of interest is key to 5AM Ventures. Dr. Scott Rocklage has a lengthy history of holding various leadership responsibilities and titles within the healthcare industry. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmeceuticals, and formerly served as the Board Chairman for Novira and Relypsa companies. Dr. Rocklage was also the former Executive Chairman of Miikana, Ilypsa, and Semprus. All of these companies have since been acquired by other companies within the pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Scott Rocklage, in addition to his history within the healthcare industry as a strategic leader who gets pharmaceutical drugs into and beyond testing phases, is also an inventor or co-inventor of over 30 different patents within the United States. He has been noted in over 100 various peer-reviewed publications.

Talk Fusion: Taking video marketing to the next level.

The modern consumer needs everything digital and at their fingertips. They want it all right now, and if they can’t get it they will quickly go elsewhere. How do businesses work with that mindset? Experience. Customers want to experience what they will get, before they get it. Whether it’s a cruise to the Bahamas, or sitting in that new posh office chair; people still use their emotions in the purchases. That is how video marketing was born!


Talk Fusion began video marketing with its video email. A simple text email does not do a business justice when they want to customers to experience the great line they offer. It’s worth mentioning that so much can get lost in translation with a text email as well. But, its a preferred method of communication by customers. So, the video email was born in 2004. This allows customers to not only see what a business has to offer, but to experience it virtually from the comfort of their own home. This was a turning point in video marketing. If customers can experience what their life would be like with their products, they are that much more willing to buy! This is a great options for companies with customers across the country. As these customers can not come to experience the products themselves.


Talk Fusion makes video marketing solutions very user friendly and low risk for its customers. It includes a 30 day free, trial and no credit card necessary to try. Talk Fusion still values the personal touch. All products are marketed person – to – person by independent associates. This personal touch in today’s technological world has paid off, as they are located in over 140 countries



The Greyhound Diaries: an Album About Finding America

Everyone knows the old adage, “walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” but it’s easier said than done. The concept is simple enough; try to empathize with your neighbor by walking a mile in his or her shoes. However,understanding where someone is coming from is actually quite difficult. Doug Levitt, an American singer-songwriter,really did walk (or ride) a mile in his neighbor’s shoes. He created a masterful project and album called The Greyhound Diaries after he rode a Greyhound bus all over the country learning about different people and their experiences in America. Doug Levitt eventually found that we’re all looking for likeness in each other, and and for a home in the people we meet along the way.


Levitt rode over 70,000 miles on a Greyhound bus collecting stories, moments, memories, and relationships with his fellow bus passengers. This resulted in two EP albums, as well as a web series, all entitled The Greyhound Diaries. Originally from DC, Levitt used his experience as a CNN news corespondent to perform interviews and get to know people on the road. He said that his upbringing in DC lent itself to his experience on the road, as well as his political mother. Levitt is someone who appears to have many lives, all of which impacted his ability to create The Greyhound Diaries. He was the only Jewish boy in the Gospel Choir at his public high school, and met a very mixed crowd in DC. He was able to use his multifaceted upbringing to bring together his experience on the road, and create a beautiful visual and musical piece of art.


Christopher Burch supports developments in Fashion and Technology industry

Christopher Burch founded the Burch Creative Company with the aim of expressing his entrepreneurial values and what he hoped the new market could achieve. He has over 40 years’ experience as an investor and has overseen the rise of up to 50 companies.

Mr. Burch begun his success in business in the year 1976 as a student at Ithica College alongside his brother. His first investment was to the Eagle Eye apparel which grew to a worth of almost $165. He greatly channels his abilities to finding a connection between innovations and attaining success.


In a recent article, Christopher acknowledges the link between how fashion trends go hand in hand with fashion technology. He based this analogy with the 1970s boom box which was fancied by many. Then came the Walkman in the 1990s. One could now enjoy their music at a personal level compared to the boom box. In a few years the Walkman had been replaced by an iPod. In essence, Mr. Burch acknowledges that technology grows with what is considered fashionable at the moment.


Fashion can only be accepted if it goes hand in hand with technology. An exciting technology is able to open another door inventions. The question that rises is, with all these advances in technology, how safe are we? Many technological steps have been made towards coming up with fashionable products that are good for us. Look at the bike protection gear. Instead of wearing a helmet, one can wear the device on their necks for clear visibility and protect their head from impact. This is not only fancy but ensures that you are safe.


One notable growth in technology is the use of recycled material to come up with different fashion trends. SegraSegra picked bicycle tubing to create jackets. This shows fashion and technological advancements can be incorporated to come up with great ideas.

For technology to hit in the market, then fashion must be included in it. Most people did not fancy wearing glasses because of stigmatization. A fashion show event was set up and models had glasses on. Chris Burch emphasizes that fashion and technology can easily grow if they only work together. The ultimate success of these two depends on what they get from each other.


Mr. Burgh reckons that several factors need to be put into play for fashion technology to grow and be accepted. Members from both teams need to learn how to work together and try and make fine prints when coming up the final product. Burch’s company supports the development of different lifestyle goods.




USHEALTH Group – Rising to the Top

The USHEALTH group is a health insurance company based in Texas, US. It has dedicated its services on the basis of their motto of helping others every day. With almost 50 years of experience, it is regarded as one of the most trusted health insurance in the US.

The attributes of the company that pulls the limelight towards itself include:

Products and Services

The company has designed its products according to the need of the clients. These insurances cover different aspects from medical insurances, accident coverage to even catering to THE vision and dental issues. Each client is provided with an array of choices from which they can choose the best for them. The services are designed to deal with the customer’s requirements regarding affordability, flexibility, and reliability.

The company has developed the first dollar benefit plan for covered services as well as different discounted plans for those customers to whom the cost is an issue. For those seeking for the security and can afford a fraction of the cost sharing, the company’s Specified Disease and Accidents plans have provided well-tailored solutions.

The health insurance plans devised by the company includes Accident, Specified Sickness, short term disability due to accident, vision and dental plans.

Experienced advisors of the USHEALTH group

In this complicated world of health insurance policies, people might find themselves totally lost in making the correct choice. Under such circumstances, the aid of an experienced advisor is always welcome. The company has hired trained insurance advisors who can provide the apt guidance to make a choice. These advisors hold valid license and have to go through proper training courses before getting authorized to represent the company’s products.

Reliability and affordability have been the hallmarks of the insurance company’s services. The policies are flexible and can be modified according to the client’s need. An experience of 50 years makes the company stand out amongst its peers in the insurance market. These attributes make up the list of reasons why one should go for the services of the USHEALTH group.