Jeffry Schneider – The Vibrant Personality Leading Ascendant Capital, LLC

Personally, Jeffry Schneider is an athlete with a knack for eating delicious and healthy food. His athleticism has seen him compete in major running contests including several marathons and the iron man race. He is also a passionate explorer who hopes to travel the whole world over his lifetime; he has already traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and South America.


Jeffry Schneider is also a generous philanthropist who helps fund several organizations including Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, and the Gazelle Foundation. He is also a firm believer in protecting the environment and wildlife that depends on it the most.


Jeffry Schneider’s professional life is just as vibrant as his personality. He is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, LLC and a fast-rising name in alternative investments circles.


Jeffry Schneider’s Professional Life

Jeffry Schneider has a long history in the financial industry. He has worked for some of the industry’s giants including Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He has also worked with prominent investors such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. It is this collective experience working with the best that motivated Jeffry Schneider to begin and grow Ascendant Capital, LLC.


Ascendant Capital, LLC is an investment company that raises funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. It provides a wide range of sales, marketing, education, and operational services. Its client base is also diverse as it includes private banks, family offices, broker dealers, and registered investment advisors. What’s more, its clients come from all over the globe.


Alternative Investments the Way to Go

Jeffry Schneider believes that the volatility witnessed in the market today is threatening the stability of conventional investments. To this end, Ascendant Capital, LLC has prioritized alternative investments and reaped greatly from the returns thereof.


Schneider has grown Ascendant Capital, LLC to a major company which has raised over $1 billion for its clients to date. It is also setting its aim higher as it plans to raise over $50 million each month this year. This target is not unreachable as the company already has thousands of family offices, over 250 advisors, more than 50 broker dealers, and several private banks in its clientele base.

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