Like Father Like Son with Adam Milstein

There is a tradition in the developed nations for the privileged to help the less fortunate. This means supporting fellow humans facing adversity of any form. Adam Milstein is one such fella and has lived the life of helping fellow Jews. He has made his wealth from the real estate business particularly from his firm the Hager Pacific Properties. This is a firm that he established in the 80’s after finishing his MBA program at the University of Southern California. He had earlier on worked as a real estate broker in the State. He had earlier been frustrated by employers who saw him as unskilled and less experienced.


Adam has the heart for helping the less fortunate. For this reason, he draws pleasure from it, and this comes from when he wants to get away from work. Among the things that define Adam Milstein is follow up, consistency, and persistence. Adam has the notion that if you fail to follow every lead, you get to lose an opportunity to 100 percent. Adam Milstein believes that success comes from good decisions and hard work. For Adam Milstein, there is nothing to ponder and worry about his life as he feels that he has made the right decisions. To succeed in life, one also needs to listen to the experienced and read more books. These are the words of Adam Milstein.


Adam was born in Haifa, Israel 64 years ago. He immigrated to the United States in the year 1981. Adam Milstein has worked with other Jewish personnel to help the community, and they include Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson among others. He is the chairman of Adam and Gila Family Foundation alongside with his wife. The two focus on helping Jewish Americans familiarize with the Jewish culture and roots. Adam hasn’t changed his residence since moving to the US. He still lives in California and has three children with Gila. He still has the discipline that he acquired when he joined the Israel Defense Forces in the year 1971. He has managed to follow in the footsteps of his father in many ways. Immigration, career and serving in the army are the things that these two have in common.




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