Truly Concerned About Others

Thousands of people are grateful for the work of therapists, as many marriages are saved, lengthened, and perhaps never end as a result of therapists. In Massachusetts, there is a wonderful marriage and family therapist, Patty Rockledge, that comes highly recommended, largely as a result of doing good work with the families in this quaint community. When it comes to therapy, it is quite hard to force someone to say good things about a professional, and for those that required counseling, for them to speak highly of their therapist, it is a particularly heart-warming accolade. Those people found themselves at a very vulnerable point, and they sought help. Finding someone that offers assistance at these low points, and who makes you feel, later on, as if it was time very well-spent, is indeed fortuitous.


Patty Rocklage, and her husband, Scott, who has his PhD in chemistry from MIT, are both, in addition to their professional success, quite altruistic. Their most recent gift has been to the chemistry department at MIT in the form of a very generous gift. They have given a quarter million dollars to help with the costs of renovating buildings that the school’s chemistry department use for technology and chemistry studies.


This couple are doing wonderful things, with Ms. Rocklage helping people with overcoming current struggles, and Mr. Rocklage industriously working to unearth scientific information that will foster positive developments for generations to come. Sometimes great people find one another in this world, and the Rocklages truly seem to be fortunate in that regard.


Patty Rocklage, upon wanting to renovate their home in beautiful Sudbury, Massachusetts, contacted a local construction company for assistance. Congruent with what people know of her character, Ms. Rocklage allowed the work being done on her home to be showcased on the company’s website. Clearly it was a nice thing to do for the company, and this likely also helped them achieve more business after the great work they completed on this well-known couple’s home.


Loving what you do for work, and loving your home life leads to an element of happiness that can’t quite well be described. There is a sense of contentedness that allows one to see where they can have an impact on others. Patty Rocklage has achieved that lofty level of both personal and professional success, and it shows in everything she does for others.

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