Finding a Career With the Brown Modeling Agency

Have you ever noticed, whether looking at TV Ads, movies, or attending special events how many different types of people are involved? They are of all sizes, ages and personalities. Some models are really beautiful, while others may have a great deal of wrinkles or be very young. Many of these people come from places such as the Brown Modeling Agency of Austin, Texas.


The Brown Modeling Agency, a commercial talent and modeling agency, was established in 2010 in Austin, Texas by Justin Brown. As a member of the well known Brown Agency family, he has been working in the modeling and talent business since he was 18 years of age. His agency works in training people for both modeling and fashion jobs. One of his famous sayings is “We are only as good as our talent”.


His models have graced many runway presentations such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and many others. They will also be found working on productions for other companies such as Dell, Toyota, Taco Bell in television commercials and advertising productions.


Steps to follow if you want to be a model:


  • Submit an application


  • List all your information regarding


  1. Weight


  1. Height


  1. Education


  1. Age


  1. Any previous experience


  1. Explain why you want to be a model


  • Schedule an interview


  • Be prepared to work long hours to learn your craft


The Brown Modeling agency specializes in helping their models develop to their highest potential and establish successful careers. With their wide range of contacts, they are able to find jobs for their models by matching their talent to the requirements of a reliable company. New faces are always in demand in the fashion industry and having the right company as your agent will assure that you will be placed in the right job that will put you before the public and help advance your modeling career.




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