Christopher Burch supports developments in Fashion and Technology industry

Christopher Burch founded the Burch Creative Company with the aim of expressing his entrepreneurial values and what he hoped the new market could achieve. He has over 40 years’ experience as an investor and has overseen the rise of up to 50 companies.

Mr. Burch begun his success in business in the year 1976 as a student at Ithica College alongside his brother. His first investment was to the Eagle Eye apparel which grew to a worth of almost $165. He greatly channels his abilities to finding a connection between innovations and attaining success.


In a recent article, Christopher acknowledges the link between how fashion trends go hand in hand with fashion technology. He based this analogy with the 1970s boom box which was fancied by many. Then came the Walkman in the 1990s. One could now enjoy their music at a personal level compared to the boom box. In a few years the Walkman had been replaced by an iPod. In essence, Mr. Burch acknowledges that technology grows with what is considered fashionable at the moment.


Fashion can only be accepted if it goes hand in hand with technology. An exciting technology is able to open another door inventions. The question that rises is, with all these advances in technology, how safe are we? Many technological steps have been made towards coming up with fashionable products that are good for us. Look at the bike protection gear. Instead of wearing a helmet, one can wear the device on their necks for clear visibility and protect their head from impact. This is not only fancy but ensures that you are safe.


One notable growth in technology is the use of recycled material to come up with different fashion trends. SegraSegra picked bicycle tubing to create jackets. This shows fashion and technological advancements can be incorporated to come up with great ideas.

For technology to hit in the market, then fashion must be included in it. Most people did not fancy wearing glasses because of stigmatization. A fashion show event was set up and models had glasses on. Chris Burch emphasizes that fashion and technology can easily grow if they only work together. The ultimate success of these two depends on what they get from each other.


Mr. Burgh reckons that several factors need to be put into play for fashion technology to grow and be accepted. Members from both teams need to learn how to work together and try and make fine prints when coming up the final product. Burch’s company supports the development of different lifestyle goods.




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