Evolution Of Smooth Defies Expectations

The Bizarre Store Of Smooth

The success of Evolution of Smooth.Ca isn’t something you would expect from the summary of it. A new comer in the lip balm market not only managed to find some profit but also took down the reigning brand. However, the overall story of Evolution of Smooth gives the perfect explanation behind why this brand managed to see so much success. When you make no assumptions and you have a marketing campaign built for the modern age, it’s no surprise you win.

The Social Media Success

Social media is key to the success of Evolution of Smooth. Marketing in general isn’t particularly common in the lip balm industry, but Evolution of Smooth made sure to have a campaign on every major social media website in order to help spread the world. This isn’t the first time that a company tried to make a name for itself on Facebook and other social media sites, but the ease that Evolution of Smooth did it really stands out. Every on the web you can find people taking selfies with spheres of lip balm in their hands. It really takes the idea of word of mouth to another level.

The Next Stage For Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth continues to grow the brand name and expand into other areas of the personal care industry. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions and shaving creams for their customer base. A recent study by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue found that Evolution of Smooth was one of the most popular brands among young women. The products were commonly seen in Walgreens, Target and Walmart. Online stores Amazon and eBay stock EOS too.  This popularity has given the brand a chance to make itself into a name people will remember for years to come. An entire generation now identifies with Evolution of Smooth and the spheres of balm it sells.

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