Making A Worthy Investment For Retirement

Through the years, people have done their level best to make sure they have an excellent retirement package. Investing for retirement is a thorny issue in America. Warren Buffet, a well-renowned businessman, and billionaire had a take on this matter. He went ahead and placed a bet of $1million because he can make a better investment returns through investing in S&P 500 Index fund.

Timothy Armour has come out to disapprove his claims that low-cost investments are the best. The odds are for Warren Buffet even though the bet has not yet been decided. He firmly stands for bottom – up investments and building up strong company’s portfolio which has proven useful over the years. Timothy, on the other hand, believes that the investment plan may not cushion the client from any losses when the market prices hit some lows.

He goes further to explain the use of fund managers. An excellent hedge fund manager makes sure that your investment does not end up in losses. This is done by keeping out the high-cost funds and getting fund managers who invest their money in conjunction with other investors, which creates a select group who has outpaced the market indexes.

Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is the CEO of the Capital Group Companies. He received this appointment about two years ago. He has a lot of experience with this company as he has worked here since the year 1983. He has a lot of experience as an equity portfolio manager. Through the years he has been involved with investments as an equity investment analyst.

He went to school at Middlebury College where he attained a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is currently located in Los Angeles. He started out in the associate’s program and worked his way up.

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