Avaaz has Millions of Voices to Share

Traditionally speaking, democratic parties and organizations are all about seeing one thing happen, and that is permanent social change. The hope is that these changes are worldwide or at least far reaching. The only problem standing in the way is that most oppressed people exist as a minority demographic. And in this circumstance of being outnumbered, these groups tend to isolate themselves instead of networking to start some kind of political momentum. For the many global communities that are in desperate need of cohesion, there is the organization Avaaz (the world in action).

Hearing the collective voice and deciding together in which direction to take action is the modus operandi for this activist community. The key ingredient to the NGO’s (Non-Government Organization) operation is technology. With every leap and bound within the world of technological communication, Avaaz grows stronger and stronger. Starting in 2011, the number of members continues to grow to more than 10,000 in just half a decade. It is all about seeing the forest for the trees. The chance to make a real difference within a nation or state only comes about two or three times a year. However, when you work to change the minds and attitudes of millions of people in more than six continents, there is lots of work every week of the year.

That is where unity and accountability play very distinctive and important roles in the lives of Avaaz members. But most of all, unity is the cornerstone on which all other things rest. That is why the organization operates in more than fifteen different languages with understanding free-flowing between causes. You may never know where your most powerful ally lies in wait to meet you. With this format, the side of justice now has a new weapon against oppression and indignity. And, it is here to stay.

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