Samuel Strauch – A Proficient Miami Beach Real Estate Businessman

The real estate company Metrik Real Estate was founded in 2002 by Mr Samuel Strauch, through which he has provided homes and security to the companies many clients. Metric Real Estate is based in Miami in the state of Florida, a region Mr Samuel Strauch knows very well due to it also being the state in which he lives, and is one of the hottest and most sought after markets in the real estate business.

Before Mr Samuel Strauch began his career working with real estate and founding his company he initially started to work as a banker after completing his many years of education. Mr Samuel Strauch studied at multiple schools before starting his working career, including at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Harvard as well as at the Hofstra University in New York City, majoring in business and earning himself a master’s degree. However, Mr Samuel Strauch chose to stop working as a banker and instead turn to the real estate business. This career change was motivated by the fact that his family had been a part of the real state in the past and therefore Mr Samuel Strauch decided to continue the family business and change his career to real estate, which leads to the founding of his successful real estate company.

Mr Samuel Strauch readily shares his expertise on the makings of a successful investor and developer of real estate property. One of the crucial things about real estate business is the eagerness to learn. There are many fine details that a successful businessperson has to be aware of and have the desire to know more about. Collaborating is inevitable. A real estate developer or investor is always working with somebody, so transparency and communication are also critical. Being reliable will bring you more success than not. One should also be careful and read the fine print to make sure everything will go as planned.

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