Securus Technologies is Protecting Behind the Scenes

I have seen my share of policy officers and detectives work hard to make sure the people in the community, city and state are safe. This not an easy task as criminals are becoming smarter and more tech savvy everyday. However, I believe the solution to these issues have been lurking around for some time now. Securus Technologies started back in 1986 and have been building and maintaining effective, efficient and outstanding telecommunication services. Although their main industry is for correctional facilities, millions of people who are family and friends of inmates are affected everyday.


I believe Securus Technologies is assisting in the protection that we receive from law enforcement daily. The products that are developed on a weekly basis have given officers and detectives the tools needed to avoid future crimes while solving any existing open cases. They are constantly assessing current situations and developing equipment that will revolutionize these correctional facilities and keep employees, as well as, family members and friends of inmates safe. So far, they are providing public safety, investigative, corrections and monitoring solutions and we expect nothing less in the future. Although working behind the scenes may not be the most popular way to get recognized, Securus Technologies have taken the chance in order to be dedicated to providing the services needed to keep us safe.


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