Patty Rocklage an Outstanding Therapist and Philanthropist

Patty Rocklage is an experienced, accomplished and dedicated professional who has been practicing Psychotherapy in her profession in Boston for over 20 years. She helps couples, individuals, as well as families that are experiencing numerous difficult struggles in life. Her experience in this profession enables her to help people overcome their struggles throughout the Boston Metropolitan area. Being a licensed psychotherapist, Patty has a warm, inviting style that makes her clients to ease so as to focus more on changes they would like to implement.

Education and career

Patty Rocklage studied at the Southern California University in 1981 where she attained her psychology degrees. She is licensed by the Massachusetts state to practice psychotherapy. Patty has gained very many invaluable skills while working in her profession. These skills include teaching, public speaking, coaching, and team building. Using the skills and her knowledge in psychotherapy, she has helped many people achieve personal growth.


Other than being great in her profession, Patty Rocklage strongly believes in her community’s importance. She enjoys participating in community outreach activities and is dedicated to giving back to the community. Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage, her husband, gave a significant gift in 2016 to MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) chemistry department. The purpose of this grant was to help the university in renovating the Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology laboratory. Her husband graduated from this school with a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry.

Rocklage lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her husband. She is highly regarded and celebrated for helping others. She takes part in the Sudanese Education Fund, a program that focuses on assisting people who have relocated from Southern Sudan to Massachusetts. The program helps the visitors to find stable jobs and to attain educational and financial stability.

Being an accomplished psychotherapist, Patty believes in what she does when helping her clients to resolve their problems. She understands how sensitive her customer’s struggles are and that’s why she maintains their discretion.


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