Samuel Strauch’s Success Tips

Samuel is a real estate agent; his success journey is full of lessons for the beginning investors. He utilizes every opportunity that comes his way; this was revealed in an interview when he was asked about how he got his business ideas. Strauch’s success tips are based on how he prepares for his day and the way he does his business. Creative thinking is part of his life and making new friends which result to business opportunities is one of his each day’s objectives.

Samuel Strauch did also face some challenges which he got a great lesson from. He admits that at some point he did a job that didn’t utilize his full potential. The other problem that he faced was employing a friend who had little knowledge of the job description which he was to carry out. These two incidences cost him his precious time and resources.

Your mindset is crucial in business; having a positive mindset can help brighten your day. This great entrepreneur says that he sets his mind to always be a winner by giving his customers, team members, and fellow investors priority. Strauch loves developing his personal life and making the life of his beloved ones better; he says that he better spend money on experiences than on things.

Samuel Strauch is a successful and learned entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor of business administration degree from Hofstra University. He started his first real estate company, Affinity Realty Group in 2002. The company developed over the years to Metrik Real Estate, Metrik Real Estate is headquartered in South Beach, Florida. Samuel is a successful agent in Miami; he has completed several transactions and ranked top by several companies in Miami. Strauch who started his career as a banker before moving to real estate business has also invested in restaurant and internet businesses. Samuel Strauch loves art, photography and spending his leisure time reading.


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