Equities First Holdings – Recently Relocated its Melbourne Office to Reach Out to its Target Market More Effectively

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA, and is a global leader in providing non-purpose loans to small to medium-sized businesses and middle market companies. Equities First Holdings have three offices in Australia in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Globally, Equities First Holdings have branch offices in many countries, such as Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings company believes that non-purpose loans is the convenient solution for the businesses as they are easier and faster to get, and comes with easy terms. Going for conventional loans is not suitable at times because of the bulk of documentation it requires and time it takes to get approval. However, Equities First Holdings has designed its alternative financial solutions to suit the requirements of the small to medium sized businesses.

Recently, the company relocated its Melbourne office to the central district of the city. The new office is much larger than the previous one and is located at a convenient address, making it accessible to the new and potential clients. Having an office at the heart of the Equities business district certainly makes an impact, and the company believes that it would also play a significant role in attracting new business. As the new office is much more spacious, it would help in accommodating more employees as well, which would also assist in adding to the company’s performance and make room for providing faster customer service.

Equities First Holdings believes that non-purpose loans are essential  businesses provides the much-needed liquidity to fuel the aspirations of ambitious equities companies.

The company also offers non-purpose loans to high net worth individuals and investors. The best part is that it helps in saving the investment made in securities else the clients might have to liquidate the same, which can potentially cause huge loss.

The Success of Troy Mcquagge in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., which is based in FT. Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group mainly focuses on providing a high standard healthcare insurance to customers who are self-employed and also small business owners. The main vision and target of USHEALTH Group Inc. is to incorporate together the abilities and experiences of its employees to the marketing valuable insurance which matches the competitive market to its customers. By so doing, they ensure high profitability.

He joined the group in 2010, where he brought revolutionary change in the group. For starters, he achieved this by restructuring both its Agency for distribution and USHEALTH Advisors. Through his hard work, determination, and vision for the prosperity of the group, he was elected CEO and president in 2014. Under his management as the groups CEO, he has made notable success as the group has made a lot of progress and huge profits. The company has stood out to be one of the best in the healthcare insurance market.

Tony McQuagge efforts have earned him recognition, and most importantly he has been able to clinch the coveted and prestigious Gold award in the 2016, namely One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awards. The worldwide award focuses on honoring success in business and professional fields in every industry globally. During the awards, nominations from Organizations around the world are submitted which may include various aspects such as private to public firms, primordial businesses, huge to small businesses, and also profit making to nonprofit.

Tony McQuagge, however, owes the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc., as it’s through their hard work and determination that the group has been able to achieve great success in providing healthcare insurance services to clients. The services favorable and affordable to their customers which in turn enables the firm to thrive in the sector.

Troy McQuagge has greatly fostered unity in the group under his tenure. Doing so has led to great interactions among the insurance agents and the customers as a result of selling quality insurance products to them. The initiative has seen the group grow exponentially and become more popular. At the same time, it has provided the firm with an edge in the competitive individual healthcare market. For more info on this article, follow this link.

Omar Boraie: New Brunswick’s Property Magnate

According to the Central Jersey Working Moms article The Visions of Omar Boraie, Omar is New Brunswick’s impressive real estate developer. Omar treasured this project for years and is thrilled of his accomplishments. As the head of Boraie Development LLC, individuals opposed his project for some years. Holding on to his vision, he endeavored to rebuild New Brunswick similar to the cities of modern European.

In the past, Boraie witnessed insecurity within the city and crumbling buildings. Due to these factors, he yearned for a safer and aesthetically appealing New Brunswick, a dream he vigorously pursued. However, most residents of New Brunswick considered him delusional, but Omar proved a visionary ahead of his contemporaries. His latest acquisition, The Aspire, in the center of the city, offers him a breathtaking view of the city from his eighth-floor office. This acquisition previously consisted of a block of twenty-one derelict buildings. Relying on foresight, Boraie purchased the entire building block and commenced transforming and improving the property. More details can be found on Fundacity.

Omar designated Tower I, built in the ‘80s and ‘90s, for office space. He later built Tower II in 2003 next to Tower I. Realizing the potential of the property market; Omar built deluxe condominiums, the tallest building in the city of that time. Tower II is twenty-five stories tall with 120 housing units. Also, this building catered for retail shops, offices, parking garage, barbecue pits, and dog walking facilities. His accomplishments finally convinced New Brunswick residents. In an interview with the NY times, Omar commended the dedication, trust, and cooperation of individuals who believed in him. New Brunswick presently enjoys the benefits of his dream. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

About Boraie Development LLC

In an article on WSJ, Boraie LLC is a private property development company founded by Omar Boraie. The firm’s portfolio includes Towers I and II on Albany Street, the Aspire suite of luxury condominiums, and is involved in other projects as well. Established by Omar, the firm offers a variety of services inclusive of sales and marketing, real estate development, and property management.

With a 30-year record of accomplishment, Boraie LLC invests its capital, labor, and reliability in all of its projects. It obtains its funding from banks and other lending institutions. In collaboration with other investors, the company develops residential and commercial facilities in downtown New Brunswick. The future for Boraie LLC looks bright. Currently, the company plans to purchase and develop its third commercial property next to the train station on Albany Street.

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Students Exceptional Performance at Success Academy Shows Consistent Pattern


Success Academy opened the network’s newest pre-kindergarten program within three of its charter schools during the fall of 2015 allowing 72 additional students to attend during the 2015-2016 school year.


The students attending the charter school have made a pattern of exceling in their test scores. Recently over 4,000 of the students who were eligible to take the proficiency tests achieved top scores in math, science and English. Those math scores resulted in students ranking in the top one percent within all schools in the state of New York.


This is repeated high performance that Success Academy students have consistently been able to reach and accomplish results that city officials can support, with pride, of the charter program. The pattern is a repeat performance of recent years, when seven out of the state’s 15 top performing schools in math proficiency were Success Academy charter schools. In 2014, students achieved an astounding 93.9 percent proficiency in the common core math exam. In 2016, the results were identical at 94 percent proficiency. This pattern of consistency is unprecedented for any school to achieve, especially since 76 percent of the students are coming from low-income families.


The remarkable consistency by the Success Academy student’s hard work and outstanding effort is a testament to the commitment of the teachers. The students continue to receive individual learning with teachers devoting 80 minutes to each student after their instructional-teaching to the entire classroom. This type of innovative approach to the student’s academic learning has proved over time that students excel in that type of environment and become more engaged.


While other students in the state of New York are achieving to the best of their ability and with great effort, the students of Success Academy are performing at a higher level because of a quantifiable ownership of their independent expectations. The students of Success Academy have been instilled with a sense of high esteem, and the pride for reaching personal expectations, which cannot be seen within test scores.


Success Academy continues to strive for excellence and provide students the greatest foundation for building a limitless future.



Dr. Clay Siegall: Passionate Cancer Researcher And Successful Businessman

Clay Siegall is a committed, experienced scientist who is passionate about fining effective targeted treatments for cancer. He is also a savvy businessman that understands the importance of keeping his company profitable. Since founding the Bothell, Washington based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics in 1998 and serving as its CEO, Dr. Siegall has excelled at doing both. Seattle Genetics has created groundbreaking cancer treatments that are used worldwide and Dr. Siegall has helped the company to rake in $1.2 billion from public and private sources.

Inspired to seek better cancer treatments as a teenager after seeing his father battle the disease, he graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology and went on to George Washington University where he earned a doctorate in Genetics. Since then, Dr. Siegall has worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute as well as the National Institutes of Health and other top organizations involved in researching effective cancer treatments.

Dr. Clay Siegall has also done so well in making sure that Seattle Genetics functions as a profitable business he was voted ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2012 by Ernst & Young. He has formed lucrative partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies to market ADCETRIS, an anti-body-based cancer therapy developed by Seattle Genetics which gained FDA approval in 2011. Plus the company has dozens of other promising drugs in its development pipeline. Dr. Siegall has also generated money for the company through a very successful IPO in 2001 and has the company positioned to be profitable for many years to come.

In addition to his research and business efforts, Dr. Clay Siegall holds 15 patents and has published numerous articles on cancer research and treatment. He is also on the board of directors of several biotechnology companies. During his decades in the cancer research and treatment field, Clay Siegall has managed to handle the delicate balancing act between finding effective cancer treatments and running a profitable biotechnology company with aplomb. He has built Seattle Genetics on a foundation of solid scientific research and helped to provide quality cancer treatment for countless patients.

Greg Secker ;the Founder of Knowledge to Action

Born on February 18th, 1975, Greg Secker is known as a speaker, master trader, and a philanthropist. However, above everything else, the job that he enjoys more is being a father. In the years 2003, he founded a company known as Knowledge to Action Group that is a combination of numerous companies namely the Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Learn to Trade. These firms work together to train people how to trade in excel trading and the ways they can use to advance their lives. The amassing part is the way Secker came from humble backgrounds to force to be reckoned with.

Greg Secker started the business to help the people who are struggling to start trading with ease. He says that those who did online trading without any education or knowledge find that they have lost a lot. The one thing that Secker wanted is to educate people and give them the right tools to use when trading. His primary focus is the foreign transaction. He makes money by trading and teaching other people the right way of doing it. Secker says that teaching is the best idea and that he is making more money now than he did when he was employed in the corporate world.

About Greg Secker

Secker started his career at a financial service company before he went to foreign exchange to create a business that is known as Virtual Trading Desk. This was the first platform to offer an online Trading system that was affected by the real time. Those who used this platform got their quotes for foreign exchange transaction using the real-time trades that were afro-mentioned. He later joined a bank in the Unites States known as Mellon Financial Corporate where he was the Vice President. The position allowed him to travel and meet with people. While in this company, his knowledge of trade grew significantly. It was from here that he started the business Learn to Trade and in just three months the firm had become a global leader in trading education. The company has three offices in London, South Africa, and Australia. The company whose aim is to educate people on trading has seen over 200,000 students.


Andrew Rolfe’s Expert Management Of The Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, and he is one of the best new nonprofit executives in the world today. He is offering his business expertise to a fund that is helping children get their education. South Africa needs quite a lot of help educating young kids, and this article shows how the Ubuntu Fund helps each child learn. Someone who wishes to help or learn may follow what Andrew Rolfe has done to make this charity a success.

#1: How Does Andrew Rolfe Manage The Charity’s Money?

The charity’s money is raised in a variety of ways, and Andrew will solicit donors every day that he wants to work with. He asks each of these people to give their money without any reservations, and he will use that money in any part fo the charity he needs. He feels much better knowing that he may help kids without worrying about upsetting donors, and he has found more donors than ever now that he has this new policy.

#2: Schools And Teachers

There are many schools and teachers that are paid for by the Ubuntu Fund, and someone who wishes to send their children to a better school may send their kids to an Ubuntu school. The teachers are many of the best in the country, and the children are given the personal attention they need to learn. These children are given a number of ways to change their lives, and they will learn in a way that helps them move on to college.

#3: Why Is This Important?

The Ubuntu Fund is important because no one else will pay for schools in South Africa. This charity is building schools and growing beautiful programs that will help kids. Andrew Rolfe ensures all the money goes to the right place, and he is careful with the way he serves each child.

There are many families that are changed by the Ubuntu Fund, and the kids who are looking for a better school will feel much better. Kids who wish to learn and go to college may trust the Ubuntu Fund.

Paul Mampilly’s Inspirational Career

Paul Mampilly started serving as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. He has specialized in helping Americans to become wealthy by investments making use of special opportunities, and technology. Paul thought of starting a business because he did not want to continue working with Wall Street. He also felt obliged to help people because according to him, Wall Street was not playing its role adequately. He wanted to use his expertise and skills to help people from different backgrounds.

Paul Mampilly wakes up at around 5 a.m and goes through news from various parts of the world. He pays close attention to news surrounding True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, Banyan Hill Publishing, and Profits Unlimited. Most of his business ideas are as a result of research conducted by him and his team. Paul is excited about millennial mega trend and Internet of Things because they affect how he provides his services.

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By following the same routine daily, Mampilly can stay focused thus remaining productive. He regularly tracks his stock to ensure that important things do not miss. He also tries to figure out the pattern of how the stock moves based on the compiled information. By doing so, he does not miss new information that could positively impact his business. His dedication to work is what makes him highly productive. He does not value his college education because he believes in hands-on experience. Paul Mampilly advises entrepreneurs to know how to place their priorities because that is the best way to succeed.

Mr. Mampilly attained his Master’s degree from Fordham University in 1996. Since then he has become a renowned Chartered Financial Analyst. Paul became an assistant portfolio manager at Wall Street in 1991. He later served the executive teams of ING and Deutsche Bank. In 2006, Mampilly joined Kinetics Asset Management and grew it to $25 billion. He also joined an investment competition which he started with $ 50 million and grew it to $88 million.

With time, Paul grew tired of how Wall Street conducted its operations. He then decided to retire so that he could have more time to spend with his family. Part of his reason to retire was that he wanted to help other people to make wise investment decisions. Even though he retired, he is an active investor.

The Investment Showdown

For those unaware, investing remains the focal point of life. Whether using it for monetary purposes or not, everyone invests. To expound further, everyone invests in various aspects of their life. A perfect example includes getting an education. For those that receive a college degree, they have invested in their job security. Another non-monetary example of investing includes going to the gym. For someone who chooses to work out, they remain invested in their well-being. With that being said, monetary investing remains an unpredictable concept. This remains attributed to its ability to turn a fortune into poverty. To expound further, investing remains a high-risk endeavor to learn more: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=23870039&privcapId=1919330 click here.

However, a few investors have managed to contour to the landscape of investing. With that being said, Timothy Armour and Warren Buffett remain the investors in reference. For years, both men have set the standard on how to invest. Moreover, both men have used their influence to positively impact the world and reshape it for the better. To begin, Warren Buffett remains a premier investor. Moreover, Warren Buffett’s career spans over half of a century. Therefore, his expertise and understanding of investing remains unmatched. Moreover, Warren Buffett remains one of the wealthiest people in the world. This remains attributed to his impeccable investment strategy. For years, Buffett has used the same investment strategy.

To expound further, it includes buying long-term stocks and achieving a high return on his investment. Recently, Warren Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund investors to a bet. During the bet, Warren Buffett wagered $1 million if he failed to achieve a higher return on his investment than the hedge fund managers did. Fortunately, for Warren Buffett, he managed to defeat the hedge fund managers and win the bet. In addition, Timothy Armour also remains a noteworthy candidate. For those unaware, Timothy Armour remains a hard-working and dedicated investor. For over 32 years of his life, Timothy Armour spent his time at Capital Group. Moreover, Timothy Armour made sacrifices to ensure the profitability of Capital Group. Although Timothy began his career at an entry-level position, he currently stands as the company’s chairman.

Give Your Puppy A Great Start With Beneful

As a responsible pet owner you want your new puppy to have a heart healthy diet that will also help him or her remain active. Thousands of pets have grow up to the amazing nutritional value of Beneful. Get organic ingredients that are easy for your puppy to digest. In fact, they provide a wet and dry dog food mixture that is sure to help your pet companion live a long life. Their pet dog food is known for their elimination of by-products that can be harder for a puppy to digest. Your pet can enjoy the benefit wet food of organic meet like beef, chicken, carrots, corn, green beans, and more.

If you’re interested in training your new pet, Beneful carries a line of treats that are great for beginning obedience training. They provide quality pet food and treats that are great for your pets oral health. Thousands of pet owners trust the Beneful name to feed their dog. Their pet dry food products are great for any puppy that will grow to be any size. Take advantage of additional savings offers by visiting the pet care aisle of select retailers for more purchasing options. You can also receive valuable coupons for up to 20% off by visiting the official Beneful website.