Greg Secker ;the Founder of Knowledge to Action

Born on February 18th, 1975, Greg Secker is known as a speaker, master trader, and a philanthropist. However, above everything else, the job that he enjoys more is being a father. In the years 2003, he founded a company known as Knowledge to Action Group that is a combination of numerous companies namely the Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Learn to Trade. These firms work together to train people how to trade in excel trading and the ways they can use to advance their lives. The amassing part is the way Secker came from humble backgrounds to force to be reckoned with.

Greg Secker started the business to help the people who are struggling to start trading with ease. He says that those who did online trading without any education or knowledge find that they have lost a lot. The one thing that Secker wanted is to educate people and give them the right tools to use when trading. His primary focus is the foreign transaction. He makes money by trading and teaching other people the right way of doing it. Secker says that teaching is the best idea and that he is making more money now than he did when he was employed in the corporate world.

About Greg Secker

Secker started his career at a financial service company before he went to foreign exchange to create a business that is known as Virtual Trading Desk. This was the first platform to offer an online Trading system that was affected by the real time. Those who used this platform got their quotes for foreign exchange transaction using the real-time trades that were afro-mentioned. He later joined a bank in the Unites States known as Mellon Financial Corporate where he was the Vice President. The position allowed him to travel and meet with people. While in this company, his knowledge of trade grew significantly. It was from here that he started the business Learn to Trade and in just three months the firm had become a global leader in trading education. The company has three offices in London, South Africa, and Australia. The company whose aim is to educate people on trading has seen over 200,000 students.


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