Where Am I Helping End Citizens United?

End Citizens United has been committed to helping the government hold elections properly. They want to use the legal system to help change the laws of the land, and they want to know that they are impacting the election process as much as possible. This article explains how I am helping End Citizens United reach their goals, and it shows why I believe this is such an important part of the community we live in. We all must ensure that we are participating in elections, and we are showing that elections are far simpler to control when big money has been removed from the process.


#1: Removing Corruption


End Citizens United knows that special interests will corrupt any form of government, and we want to see the large contributions removed from the election process. Someone need not be rich to run for office, and we hope to stop the cycle of only the most well to do people being elected. That was most obvious in this last election, and we are raising money to further the cause.


#2: Starting With $4 Million


We raised $4 million in the very short time since it started, and we have a goal to raise $35 million to ensure that we may reach as many people as possible. It is important to use that we have shared the information we know to be true about the campaign financing field, and we hope to change lives by giving people information they did not have before. I have been told many times over people did not realize it was this extreme, but the campaign finance situation is quite grim.


#3: Following On Social Media


I follow End Citizens United on social media, and I share their articles often. They release stories that show how corrupting money is in campaigns, and I share them because people do not realize the information in these stories is true. It is important for someone to remember that they must learn more if they do not understand the plight of End Citiens United, and I believe that we all must study this problem because it will not go away until the laws have been changed.


The mission of End Citizens United is to change the election process and change the laws of the land. We want to ensure that we are helping take big money out of government because we know that it corrupts people who are elected to office. Rich people cannot be the only ones who are elected to office simply because they have the means, and it is important for people to contribute as we have. There are many fundraisers and events that you may participate in every day.



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