ClassDojo-Improving Effeciency in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a smart app that can be used on laptops, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards. It is a communication app that is connecting teachers, parents, and students together so that the classroom can run much more smoothly. Students can even customize their avatars to reflect their specific preferences and personalities. ClassDojo is very much like a reward jar and it is a remarkable management tool for the classroom.

ClassDojo is making the classroom more efficient and is freeing up the time of teachers so that they can spend more time focused on other tasks that need to get done. The app is very easy to use and is also very straightforward. The app will automatically keep track of the actions in the classroom by recording the behaviors clicked non by its users. It makes it easy for teachers to make reports of behaviors of their students that can be emailed to their parents at a later time.

Parents connected to the app can get emails every Friday and be reminded to go over their children’s reports. This helps to keep parents involved and is an easy way for teachers to track their students’ behavior as well.

ClasDojo makes it much easier to organize and set up the classroom and each student has their own avatar. Once the teacher has arranged the their class in the app, its easy to award positive or negative points to their students. It has been found that students really enjoy the point system.

The app allows parents to keep up with what their kids in the classroom and students take a lot of pride sharing what they have accomplished in school. It is also easier for parents and teachers to stay in touch and to message each other. The app improves a lot of things.

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